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do i have a bad ipad or is the apple server just lousy


Last night i did a job on my ipad . Cleared memory of all open apps . Logged out then into imessage again . Made sure settings were correct , Read all the tutorials and tried everything .  shut down completely on both iphone and ipad

This morning I turned everything back on . Iphone 4 and ipad  both are fully charged to 100% and show good wifi connection


I starded a message to my daughter on the ipad . She is the only one that has an ipad and i message . I  hit send and it started to go until it hit the 90% mark then stopped . Looked a few minutes later and it says not delivered with the exclamation mark


I went to my iphone and sent an imessage to my daughter again it went no problem


the ipad is still hanging


does this mean the ipad imessage app is toast


should I do a complete factory reset of the ipad or call apple . The ipad was bought in february . Still under warranty but no phone support on software

iPhone 4, Other OS, ios6