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Brand new MacBook Air (June 2013, 8MB RAM, 500GB SSD)


iSight not working with Cisco Webex, Citrix GoToMeeting or Microsoft Lync (error = webcam not detected); BUT iSight works with Skype, Facetime and Photobooth.


3 hours of phone support with Webex - no luck.


Tried SMC and PRAM reset - no luck.


Tried erasing disk and reinstalling OSX 10.8.4 and apps manually with latest versions - no luck.


Apple phone support says it's not Apple's problem because Apple apps work.


Exchanged at Apple Store for another new MacBook Air, again installed apps manually with latest version (not from time machine) - STILL NO LUCK!!!


Is there an update Apple or Cisco, Citrix and Microsoft need to put out for the new MBAs or do I just have 2 lemons???

MacBook Air (13-inch Mid 2013), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD
  • EZ Jim Level 7 (22,173 points)

    Perhaps not lemons, but this link may explain why you are having trouble:


    MacBook Air (Mid 2013): FaceTime HD Camera may not work with some applications


    If the apps you must use will not be modified for compatibility with the new Apples, the easiest workaround I can suggest is to use a different device that is compatible with the services you want to or must use.  The services giving trouble should be able to tell you which hardware will work with their products.




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    Mac OSX 10.8.4

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    Thanks for the link EZ Jim, good to at least see the problem is recognized by Apple.  I will continue to work with Cisco Webex and next will contact Citrix GoToMeeting.  Cisco Webex has been good at troubleshooting and following up so far, so hoping it can be resolved soon.  Will post back on progress.  Not having the camera for Webex and Lync are both show-stoppers for me at work, and would rather not have to plug in an external webcam which might be a cheaper alternative also so not even going to try.

  • EZ Jim Level 7 (22,173 points)

    You're welcome.

    1wave wrote: ... an external webcam which might be a cheaper alternative ...

    It will be interesting to see what the vendors say about using a Mac-compatible external webcam.


    If not, some netbook or other Windows® device might offer compatibility at a much lower cost than a compatible Apple notebook.


    We will watch for your update(s).  What the vendors tell you will be very helpful to others who share this or similar issues with their new MBAs.





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    Mac OSX 10.8.4

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    I am having the same trouble with my new macbook air and Webex. Did You find a solution?



  • Eric J Norman Level 1 (5 points)

    I have the same conditions and the same problem. After a very long, multi-day troubleshooting effort with Webex, they said it's a known issue and that I need to wait for a new version of Webex meeting center.

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    I just spoke to Citrix (GoToMeeting) technical support. They confirmed that they are aware of the issue and their next release will address the problem. They also stated that Apple is aware of the issue, and Apple will most likely also have an update to address the issue (however Citrix is not going to wait for Apple).

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    Here it is September and the issue persists with many non Apple applications like Skype and Google. Apple says contact the developers.(See KB TS4552 There seems to be no video chat app that one can use to chat with a PC. I've always championed Apples, but now, sadly, we've canceled our order and are selling our new MB Airs and shopping for netbooks.







    Some applications not developed by Apple may not recognize the built-in FaceTime HD Camera or may display a black screen on MacBook Air (Mid 2013) computers. This may also occur with Final Cut Pro X v10.0.8.



    Update any affected application to the latest version. Contact the developer for assistance with applications not developed by Apple.

    As a work around for Final Cut Pro X or other OS X video applications, you can use QuickTime Player's New Movie Recording menu item. Use this to capture video from the built-in camera and then import the clip to the application.

  • Eric J Norman Level 1 (5 points)

    Beware the 10.8.5 update....the camera wont work with skype or google+ either :-/

  • bradleydad Level 1 (5 points)

    It's a really easy fix, actually, just take aout the file Apple broke with the 10.8.5 update and replace it with the old one. Lots of people in the Skype discussion have done it and it works fine.


    Here's a link to a step by step from the Skype chat. 3759#M58459


    Basically, in the finder menue, under go and go to folder paste in /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/


    Trash or rename it this file. Then replace it with the old version. Here's a link to the skype discussion to the old file.



    Your camera will work again, just like before the update.

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    This solution seems to work with Skype only, it does not affect MS Lync.

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    Are there any Apple reps monitoring this issue?  This is absolutely unacceptable - you can't simply say that a core hardware function won't work with 3rd party apps.  How would we react if they said "Your keyboard is functional, but only in iWork, not Office".  Additionally, mine does not work work with APPLE apps as well (iMovie).  The Apple post on the compatability issue is over 3 months old - horrible service.


    APPLE: Offer an option for users to downgrade to the last version if you can't figure how to fix the 3rd party functionality you've broken. 

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    The Apple post on the compatability issue is over 3 months old - horrible service.



    Incorrect,... this camera / skype issue only occured at 10.8.5 update 15 days ago.


    The resolution for same is coming, ..this is acknowledged and known.


    Be a bit patient.

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    @PlotinusVeritas I've been patiently waiting since I bought my new MBA at the beginning of July.  Not only can I still not use the Facetime camera with WebEx, GoToMeeting or Lync, but the problem has actually gotten I can't use Skype!!!  Very frustrating...

  • bob0821 Level 1 (0 points)

    @PlotinusVeritas You are incorrect - the issue pre-dates the OS release - the Apple Support post on this issue is date June 11, 2013:


    Additionally, this is core functionality, so a speedy response (or at least an Apple plan) should be provided to affected users sooner than 15 days (or at least a downgrade option).

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