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    FaceTime has only been judged as an infringing product in the U.S.  European functionality does not need to be altered, only for those here in the U.S. did Apple worsen the quality of the product.

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    well, that makes great sense then.    Though, we have had posters from Britain commenting they couldn't FaceTime.   I wonder if they were trying to FaceTime someone in the States.....hmmmm would make sense


    how very aggravating.    They kept telling me (my callers from Britain and Greece) that it was on my end, and of course, I denied that would be the case.    double grrrrrrr


    I have been able to use it this past week, but as I said, it's static screens sometimes, and even on the best of connections, not what it was months ago.    


    Thank you for the explanation.....helps

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    I am in England. The people I Skype are in England.  I have not downloaded any  Apps in the last 6 months.Since last week I have been getting connection lost on all FaceTime calls as soon as i get connected. I have tried everything. My iphone 4 works perfectly otherwise. Unfortunately Skype isn't as good. All advice on this thread has not worked. Causes re US problem do not apply. I still need help please! :)

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    I have lost track, but have we found out if iPhone 5 users are having the same problem?     

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    One more here having FaceTime trouble. It's enabled on my iPhone4. It was last working about three months ago.  Now I'm getting "Connection lost" after it rings and is answered. This fails in both direction- as caller and callee and it's failing in the same way on my partner's iphone4. We're on different networks (EE and O2). Apple need to acknowledge this and fix it.

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    I don't believe so.

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    ^in UK here.

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    About countries - I live in England and have used Face Time to England and Switzerland frequently as I reported before. Now I get the usual 'connected ... not connected'. I have reported it to Apple, hoping everyone is doing that as well as trying to find some sort of answer. I do not want to do a factory reset.

    So it's not a USA-only problem. My iPhone 4 was one of the early ones. I'm on the EE network like PipStyles.

    Apple should be working on this glitch.

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    Same thing here, European only. Belgian user using facetime with other belgian users, over French iPhones.

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    I had problems with both the iPhone 4 phones in our house.

    - Purchased within a week of each other in the UK as soon as Tesco Mobile were offering them (within a few weeks of launch). 

    - Ran fine while in the UK using Tesco Mobile (basically, O2)

    - Ran fine from Nov 2012 in Belgium on Proximus

    - Problem occurred in Belgium on Proximus around a few weeks ago as others observed


    I've just done a factory reset and manual sync on my wife's phone and now working fine from my iPad (3) and vice versa.  Biggest pain for us is sorting through the apps and putting them back in folders - not too much of a hardship.


    I can also confirm that a full restore from pc or iCloud did not work in my case - needed to be a manual sync from iTunes.  This has been reported by others in this thread too - you end up restoring the fault.


    I'll be doing mine tomorrow...  thanks to those who posted this workaround.

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    Following on from the possible apps similarity root cause,  myself and my wife have these in common with the list posted by DJNMenoFalls



    Google Maps




    I also have Flixster from that list but don't think my wife had that


    I noted folks have tried deleting all 4 of the above without success


    I deleted Flixster and iBooks with no improvement.





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    I'd like to chime in with a "me too"


    Iphone4 with ios 6.1.3   "facetime connection lost" error every time.  Used to work until a few weeks ago. My wife's iPhone4 with ios5.x  on the same account works flawlessly.


    No amount of resetting, activating, tweaking, managed to fix it.  I'm not willing to wipe the phone clean, and I find it very dishartening that Apple has not admitted to causing this problem (as it seems that they cannot fix it)

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    It doesn't take that long after you've done the backup which you shoul dbe doing regularly anyways.  It's about 5 - 10 minutes, max.

    Also, iCloud will backup your voicemail.

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    If you read this thread, Restoring from backup breaks facetime again.   The faulty settings stays with your backup.

    Setting up the phone from scratch can be hours/days of fiddling, and many things will be lost forever.

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    Restoring from backup might put the problem back on (but sometimes it fixes the issue [not all similar problems have identical root causes])... but that's why the next step in basic troubleshooting is to restore as new, which is how you determine if it was hardware or software.  See how that works?  If it's hardware, get a replacement device.  If it's software, do a controlled redownload/restore to pinpoint the software problem.


    And an iCloud backup works differently from an iTunes one.


    And if Facetime is working... then why would you try to fix it by restoring from backup?  The advice is only for those having issues with Facetime, not for those with no Facetime problems.


    Logic.  It's the other other other white meat.

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