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Hello fellow iphone users. Have you been baffled with skyrocketing data usage when you haven't done anything you've ever done before EXCEPT UPDATE YOUR PHONE TO IOS 6.0 or 6.1.? and likely your battery is draining? Have you combed the forums looking for answers, made many calls to your carrier and possibly Apple? I did all of this for the past 3 months when my historical 32mb monthly usage was spiking  to my 200mb ceiling in weeks. I was one of the lucky ones as I've found people on these forums who have been hitting the high numbers in as little as days. Some like myself are scarcely ever off WiFi, use little more than the apps that are inherent to the phone and are now potentially facing decisions on buying a bigger data plan that they never needed before or having their data shut off to protect them from a huge bill but first they've spent hours learning how to make sure they shut down all their apps when finished, perhaps cellular as well. I went through this misery and while on hold with my carrier during the third's month's 3 hour call I started googling the issue as I was told I would likely not be refunded this month since my carrier typically doesn't refund after they've already done it twice and I was doing all I'd been instructed to do! I felt like my beloved IPhone was a grenade best left turned off. I found plenty of I0S 6 buggy info on Google and posed them to my carrier as well as to the Apple tech support person who then sent me directly to a supervisor. My carrier, btw, did grant me the unheard of 3rd time refund for my diligent effort and new education on more ways to avoid data spikes! The Apple super was a great polite guy ( true words, no sarcasm here ) and instructed me to back up my phone and we'd reset it clean. Leave my typical set up off for a day, add back some apps...  but not to many... and in the interim keep a sharp eye on my data. The next day he would follow up and if all was well we'd restore my phone. If it wasn't better and the issue persisted he'd give me over to an engineer. I had also informed him about this problem tracking (back by my carrier and I ) to my 6.1.3 update the previous May. While he never outright stated that was the issue I'll allow he did say that bugs can lurk in these new updates and even the speed of your wifi downloading them can affect them! I'm not impressed. If the speed of my wifi caused this issue then it could cause it for anyone and to me that would mean there's indeed a bug. I noticed when I restarted my phone I was now running 6.1.4 from my 6.1.3. I'm watching my data and the jury's not out yet. I'm sick of this. Are you? I'm not here to make trouble. Looking at my posting history I believe it's obvious I'm not a Troll here to spend my life in the forums debating issues. I have a life. Most of my family uses this carrier so I don't want to give up my iphone or run off to another carrier.. I want this problem fixed and I want to be refunded for any data usage I shouldn't have paid for. I want to enjoy my Iphone as I have enjoyed it's 3 predecesors without fear. Here are some links I'm sharing.Thanks for reading and I sincerely hope my effort helps someoene on here.


http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenrosenbaum/2013/05/28/att-and-apple-battle-over -data-leakage/


http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/01/iphone-5-data-apple-verizon-fix-bug-ove rages_n_1930180.html



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