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    took your advice and got a Note 2. It's amazing so far!!! no more $$ for for Apple!!

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    We should know full well how old the iPhone 4 is. ~with that obsolete A4 SoC and only 512MB of RAM. -sigh-
    And that iOS 7 was supported by the phone as Apple's intentions were to make the experience bad enough for iPhone 4 (maybe 4S too) users horrible so they could SWITCH TO A NEWER DEVICE. Which means more $$$ for Apple. Wow. Such marketing. Apple, you're so nice.
    For all of those users here who have not updated to iOS 7, I absolutely recommend that YOU DON'T UPDATE.
    Stick with iOS 6 until you decide/can get a newer device. Or just leave Apple and go Google (Android).
    I mean seriously, you need a quarter just to open a Macbook's battery case. Money for everything. That's how Apple works. They probably won't read this, so I have nothing to worry about.
    I myself have seen the performance of an iPh4 on iOS 7 and I am.
    I craved iOS 7 at first. But now. HAHA. NOPE.
    Battery life kills.
    And performance. Dat lag.


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    My iphone 4s is very slow,too. How can I do? Why does't apple create new version for iphone 4 and 4s to update for better speed? I am very disappointed with apple?

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  • pgoodwin Level 1 (130 points)

    Also from

    dilbert41      UK

    Re: Does iOS 7 Slow Down an iPhone 4?

    Sep 21, 2013 10:43 AM (in response to RockyNB)

    Before you throw the phone against a wall, try this - it has worked for loads of people:


    Go to Settings>iCloud>documents and data       and turn it OFF.  If its off already set it to ON then set it back to OFF.

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    Also from:


    Re: Does iOS 7 Slow Down an iPhone 4?

    Sep 26, 2013 1:44 AM (in response to toohard88)

    From what i posted in my previous post, it seemed to me that a hard reset was enough but i was too optimistic and i jumped the gun a little but in assuming everything was fine on my iPhone 4. But it wasnt. same lag appeared with everything (lock screen/ notifications/ control center issues) having come back.


    But here is something that i tried.... and YES it works better than last time.... awesome stuff i didnt know existed. take a look and i am sure this will resolve lot of your problems on iPhone 4.


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    I am facing the same problem with Iphone 4. Its not slow after IOS7 but the battery is drained so quickly. I hope apple can fix it..

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    So how do we fix thsi without resetting the phone? I don't want to start like a new phone.


    I turned off iCloud document and data, but that didn't fix anything. Everything is still sluggish.


    How do you reset settings? I really REALLY hate the thought of resetting my phone. I shouldn't have to do that.


    Seriously Apple? You clearly didn't test iOS 7 on your employees' phones before releasing to the public. Shame.

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    I have an iPhone 4 and I recently upgraded to the ios7. Since doing this my phone is so unresponsive and laggy that it is almost unusable.

    - when receiving phone calls I swipe and swipe to answer the call but the phone doesn't respond and I end up missing the call

    - when typing a text message I can type about 3 letters before the phone freezes and takes about 10 seconds before I can type another three letters.


    I went to an apple store for some assistance in fixing the problem. They did a full restore of all the software and firmware and told me that it will fix the problem. After the restore finished I tested the phone with no improvement.

    I was asked if I had had the screen replaced recently, which I have. Apple said that because the tests  they ran show that the software and firmware an functioning the way they should that the problem must be coming from the hardware.


    I took the phone back to the store that replaced the screen. The put the screen from my phone into a iPhone 4 that wasn't upgraded to the ios7 and it worked perfectly fine. This indicates that it is the iOS 7 that is the problem.


    According to fair trading laws in Australia a product has a major problem if it does not fit the purpose it should... Which my phone doesn't fit the purpose as I can't answer calls or text people which is the major purpose of a phone.


    I called apple support with the problem to be told that its not their problem and they do not have to fix it. I did not break my phone. Apples software did. It is illegal for them to provide a product that stops phones from their original purpose and refuse supply a refund or replace to return the product to its original working form.

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    Erin you should have asked us first here before you go and check your phones screen!! Lol! The same problem happens to almost everyone and to me ! I have to swipe 4 times before I take the call and another annoying thing is that if I go and make a call and then right after  I decide I don't want to make it now, or if I find out that I am calling the wrong person I CANT CLOSE THE PHONE BEFORE IT MAKES THE CALL CAUSE I CANT SEE THE CALL SCREEN FOR THE FIRST 4 seconds !! And even now I am typing this message with super annoying lag! Some of the solutions here help but only a little ! AND I TOTALY AGREE WITH YOU AND WITH WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT THE STOP OF THE PRIGINAL PURPSE! At least they MUST fix that ! They can leave the rest but that no!!!

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    did you try the speed up things in the post above by me on Nov 21, 2013 10:08 AM


    I didn't install iOS 7 on my iPhone 4 (I posted this thread so I could fine out if people were having issues) so I can't tell you where each setting is for different things, but try turning as much stuff OFF as you can find and see if the phone operation gets better. If things get better, turn them ON one at a time to try to isolate the problem. it may just get progressively worse as you add stuff back in.


    If you haven't already, try a hard reboot (hold both the home button and on/off button for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears then release the buttons).


    You could delete all your non-Apple apps. Then reboot and see if it's any better. If you use iCloud, you can get them back by going to the App Store and selecting purchased items or use iTunes sync.


    Check your storage useage. make sure you have 10% or so of free space in memory after adding your apps back in. Reduce the number of music files and pictures that reside on the phone if you're cramped for storage. I don't know how many GB iPhone 4 you have.


    Remember, there are quite a few people that have posted that their iPhone 4's work fine after the upgrade, so there seems to be something (most likely a setting or you're hurting for memory) causing the issue.

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    I don't believe it is a memory problem because there is absolutely nothing on my phone as apple wiped it saying it would fix the problem. It did not fix the problem at all. Even when there are no programs running my phone is unusable because of the ridiculousness of the lag.


    When I called the apple support the first person I spoke to completely agreed with me that ios7 isnot compatible with iPhone 4 (this apple employee own an iPhone 4 and has the same problem). This gentleman told me to change various settings in order for the phone to run fast but this did not change anything.


    I do not have enough money to buy a new phone and the fact is I shouldn't have to. I shouldn't have to fix what apple broke.

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    I think the same... They want us to buy a new iphone 5.... This *****!!

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    I own an Iphone 4 and upgraded to ios7... Now.. Everything is super delayed.. Ios7 for iphone 4.. Definetly not recommendable

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    Restore your i4 as new. My i4 works fine with ios7.