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    Re: Contacts disappeared after iOS 7 update

    Oct 4, 2013 7:38 AM (in response to aquarius1111)


    Go to Settings>iCloud> scroll down to the bottom then click Storage & Backup, then scroll down to the bottom again and click on iCloud backup. It should be green.

    Worked for me!



    This worked for me too. Thanks

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    i found mine after updating to ios7, my contacts just disappear, happen to me twice, then when i restore my backup from the computer, it always says"it cannot restore because a session cannot be started with the iphone" why is this problem not fixed, im having a hard time restoring all my contacts, i dont have the time to struggle every week for my lost contacts

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    Contact list gone and then returns after I phone a friend ? Why - I own a iphone as I hate thinks that dont work this is dissapointing stuff from Apple.


    I've enjoyed using my 4s iphone mostly, up until last week, when like you all I uploaded the Lovely IOS7 .3 now, then it started last Sat, went to call a friend and NO contacts list in my phone, so being of sound mind did not panic, half knowning that its backed up on icloud, I looked about the software system as you do looking for a answer ?

    but no setting to adjusts so rebooted and waited.


    After rebooting NO contacts list, not so good now, as I'm wasting time in trying to contact my friend and thinking to myself, (just as well this is not a emergency).


    I booted up my Laptop as I had a letter on there with his phone number on the header, no back up on my machine with phone.

    I called my friends number on the phone key pad, once the call had finished, I went to enter his number into my contacts list and blow me down the list appeared again ?


    This has happened twice since I upload the 7 and update 7.3 update.


    I have no answer to how to fix this issue and would hope that Apple inc will soon advice us of what the problem could be ? and hopefully fix this bug, for the mean time I'm following what advice is being given out here.


    Thankyou all who have posted your surgestions I feel closer to solving this now.

    P.S going off the idea of buying 5s slightly now, where's the LOVE ? Where's the SURPORT on this please ? 

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    RE: iphone 4s...this morning all my contacts and favorites photos, etc were missing...thanks to this forum,

    one user advised shutting off iphone and turning on...this solved my problem and all info

    was restored...try this first before adjusting is much easier !

    In addition...when the update to ios7 appeared, I looked at its contents and made the decision to NOT upgrade.


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    I am having a similar problem. Shortly after the iOS 7 update my contacts disappeared. After sever trouble shooting efforts (logging on to icloud, deleting my mail and reinstalling it, closing contacts on iCloud and re enabling, turning off and on the phone) my contacts miraculously came back. I have no idea which effort restored my contacts. Tonight I received a call from "home" which popped up on the screen, while I missed the call because I was in the store, when I picked up the phone to call back, I watched the names turn into numbers and when I checked my contacts all of the sudden they were gone.


    Now when I tried to delete and reactivate icloud my account couldn't be recognized. After about an hour of attempting to log in i finally got in. I've since turned off contacts, and turned them back on with no luck. I'm not sure what the **** happened. but its extremely frustrating as I can log into iCloud on my computer and SEE the **** contacts there!

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    My contacts are having a mind of their own latly, they are disappearing evry now and then. this started to happend as i upgraded to IOS 7 on Iphoe 4S.. did anyone find a permanent fix?

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    Thank you so much! I was frantic!

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    THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I cannot believe any responsible company will let a problem as serious as this continue to exist. This is causing a lot of problems for my work and is NOT ACCEPTABLE. 

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    This worked. Thanks

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    Thanks gwylyons.  That worked a treat!

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    Thank you for helping with this! It works--- for now! I found other things worked for a few min. I hope this is a more perminate fix!

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    For me it was a simple. Go to Contacts --> Groups and then select "Show All Contacts".

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    Resetting The network settings worked like a charm. Thx.

    But i would reccommend restarting the phone after you've done the network settings.

    My contact didn't reappear before I did that. Maybe I wasn't patient enough, but I worked :)

    Again, thx.

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    I tried this (GWLyons advice) and ever since my iPhone 4S has been displaying the apple icon on the black screen (entrance screen), fading away, and repeating, but never actually opening up iOS. I would send you a video...but my phone is just repeating this cycle time and again. Any advice?

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