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    Just an update to everyone. I bought Snow Leopard from the apple online store and downloaded it. I was then able to upgrade to itunes 11 and have since been able to sync my iphone to the computer with no problems. snowleopard was only $19.99 and is probably better for my computer anyway. So it worked out in the end, but Apple should have explained things better. Also annoying i had to spend $19.99.

    Thanks everyone for their help!

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    Yes I did the same and bought the OSX Snow Leopard disc from Apple (didn't think you could download it). It took a few goes for the pc to download the software... not sure why... and was thereafter able to download ITunes 11 and so sync my iphone. There are still numerous glitches e.g: my podcasts won't download, but at least I can manage my music!


    The silence from Apple on this is deafening!

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    Long time no posting here for me.


    I'm another vintage equipment user, an old 17" g4 powerbook in great condition that does the basics I need.  I got tired of spending $3000 every 4-5 years to not do anything different with it.  Am I missing out on some things, I'm sure I am but IMHO not $10,000 worth!


    I'm really glad I didn't try and upgrade my 4s over wifi, I tried through itunes and it kept returning a message about itunes 10.6.3 being current and nothing about hardware incompatibility.  They could definitely be more up front with software version and hardware compatibility.

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    Have the same issue after upgrading to IOS7 and Maverick. Here's is the solution that worked for me:


    Back up you iphone and restore it to factory settings. Run the back up and add the songs you want from itunes

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    You know when i bought my Macbook in 2009 for $2800 I was expecting for that price that it would outlast any microsoft product and it has done that with a a few hiccups along the way but i had nothing to complain about till now. The APPLE sales man told me that I wouldn't need to get another computer OR upgrade for 7-8 years and im only halfway through that. Went into an Apple store complaining about this very thing and the girl starts trying to shove a brand new macbook down my throat. Excuse me but im not replacing my perfectly functioning $2800 laptop JUST so I can sync my iphone with it... I've tried out my friends Samsung Galaxy and Im MUCH more impressed with it.

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    Yah, that does not make sence. Who would spend that much money just to sync a phone?? I'm inclined to ditch my iPhone when my contract is up. Much cheaper to get a new (different) phone than a new computer.

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    I have found a work around.  If you have a windows PC you can install the latest version of iTunes on it from the Apple site.  Then turn on home sharing on your Mac and Windows computers.  Copy the iTunes stuff (music, movies, tv shows etc.) to the Windows version of iTunes using Home Sharing.  If you used iPhoto to sync your photos you will need to find a photo management application for your Windows PC in order to sync your photos.  I suggest Picasa since it's free.  Copy your photos from iPhoto to Picasa on your PC. Now you can sync your iPhone, iPad etc. to the latest copy of iTunes which will allow you to upgrade to IOS 7.  In iTunes you set up your photos to sync with the library/folder in Picasa where you stored your photos.  You are good to go. 

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    Apple died with Steve Jobs. Excutives who are left in the company are bunch of mediocres.

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    i cant down grade to ios6 so i can reload my music...

    what about using icloud to load things to my ipad2?

    anyone doing this?

    btw i dont want my 5 gig of songs uploaded...just the ones i like and a couple of videos!!!!



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    After twenty years of nothing but mac, all I can say is thanks for the knife in the back Apple. Really? This is how you thank your loyal fan base and income generator?

    I understand the need for progress but not the need for waste. Apple claim to be so Eco Conscious but I wonder how many of their products are polluting the environment by having to be tossed out for being utterly useless.


    I have to get rid of my thusfar ever faithful G4 iMac and my iPhone 4. Up to these I could only just afford the expense (which is way more than it needs to be and we all bloody well know it). Rendered obsolete. Well done Apple. You're taking the old adage of an apple a day keeping the doctor away too far. You're making yourselves an elitist and exclusive regime which is bound to fail eventually.


    iOS 7 has killed my iPhone and I can't go back. I can't update to iTunes 11 on my old Mac. Thanks guys. You have made it much easier to pick Android and stay exclusively Google oriented.


    iAm sick of your iCrap dudes.


    Thanks to all the posters on this discussion. You made it clear to me what Apple thinks of folks who simply don't have the money to keep up.


    Cheers everyone, enjoy your Samsung, Motorola, Sony... **** enjoy your BLACKBERRY!!

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    The short answer is that there is nothing even iFixit can do to help those of us who fell behind.

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    You are quite right. Apple has pi**ed all of us off.  But then loyalty seems to be worth absolutely nothing in business today (not just Apple, everyone). 


    Does anyone from Apple read any of these postings?  Do they care? I suspect no and no.


    Android looks more and more tempting.

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    Yes... Sadly

    I remember when I first started using computers... I was treated this same way on the windoz help site...

    That's why I moved to the Mac with the PowerPC components... I always loved their new os every year or so... Didn't have to buy all new software, pc's ect every year...

    Never had a intxxll software update that didn't hurt and leave me feeling burnt! Come-on! Using software updates to force us to buy new equipment is like burning a candle from both ends! Sooner or later we'll move on to something we aren't forced to update, buy new, learn new...ect all of us loose!

    This is what happens when you use defective components... Intxxl bla!

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    This is sooooo crap its unreal!!!!! I'm going to the Apple store to punch some one in the face. Just before Christmass great time to be told you  need to buy a new phone or laptop.

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    I cracked and upgraded to 10.6.  It's not the money (about £14) I object to, it's being forced to do it.

    Now iTunes sync and BBC iPlayer Downloads and some other things work.

    OS 10.6 is a lot smaller than 10.5 and I  gained over 10GB of HD space after the installation.

    I can't say that the OS is any better on my old MacBook.  No noticable difference in speed.

    I upgraded to iTunes 11.  It's crap compared to previous versions!