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So as expected with any new OS for... Anything really, there are a few bugs (like saying I have 10 flagged emails by the folder contains none)


But what I have an issue with are recent changes that regress from the progress of the old iOS and would like to make it known so Apple will hopefully fix them.


1) Arbitrary sorting of playlists. All of a sudden my playlists are in non-alphabetical order because of genius and smart playlists. Why? It's unintuitive! And there are no options to change it.


2) Can't view a whole photo! If I download an image from the internet, as like old iOS, the photo viewer doesn't show the whole thing in favor of filling the screen. However now, you can't pinch to zoom out without closing the image back into a thumbnail, thus making it possible to view an entire image


3) Where's my search bar? You used to be able to search your music from anywhere in the music app by scrolling to the top, but now your restricted to searching from specific areas of the app.


4) Where's my list view for calendar events? I want my multiple schedule views back, I want to see all the events I have that day in a simple list that tells me when they start instead of having to scroll and interpret the beginnings and ending times for each overlapping event


So these are the complaints I have, and I really hope they get resolved because they're all things the iOS used to be able to do. If you have any information as to their plans to remedy any or other issues please let me know, or better yet, let the company know so they can do something about it.

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    As for the 'search bar' in the music app, you might want to drag the screen down in the music app and you'll see it. Regarding 'List view' in calendar, you might also want to hit the 'search icon' and you'll see a list of all of your events within the days in a nice new view...



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    Ah that calendar tip is just what I was looking for. Unfortunately there is no search bar when you scroll up to the top of a playlist anymore, only in playlist view... Which is what I had a problem with

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    In Playlist view, drag the screen down and the Search will appear. Exactly the same as all of the other views.

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    No, not when you're looking at the songs in a playlist. You can't search there anymore

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    Yes, you are correct. As I had never used that capability I didn't notice.

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    Ah, well that's why it bothers me because I used it all the time :(

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    I am struggling to figure out how to lock my screen during a phone call. In iOS 6, you could hit the top "on/off" button on the phone and it would lock the screen. In iOS 7, I am able to do this ONLY while using the speakerphone. If I push this button while talking on the phone regularly or using a headphone, it ends the call rather than locking the screen. I have found that I am muting calls and disconnecting calls accidentially with my "face" whil holding the phone b/c the screen is so senstive. Does anyone know a way around this?

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    Something is blocking the proximity sensor that blanks the screen when you gold the phone to your face. Probably your case, maybe a screen protector. Try removing the case.

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    Anybody having problems getting a push notification errors when opening certain aps now that they have downloaded the new software? For example, when I open up the Words With Friends ap I get a push notification error that locks you in that ap.  No matter how many times you hit ok it doesn't accept it and the only way to get out is to shut down the phone and turn it back on. Went into the notification center to make sure it's in the included section and still doesn't work. Not sure what to do wat this point.  Help!!!

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    yea where's the original ability to delete the entire list of notes or email or messages?


    and how about the inability to select an album in a list within the new itunes and repectfully select all the tracks

    within it to paste the album artwork (cd ripped of course)?

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    What about the horrible look and feel?  The contact list and the messaging apps are unreadable in bright sunlight, and in ordinary light they are difficult to read at a glance (unlike iOS 6).  The font choice is a major step backwards.  It used to be that the last names of my contact were in bold, which was nice.  Now they're not.  I see that there are options to adjust the font, but if the defaults are so bad, why do I have to do the work to improve it?


    The fluorescent colors are a drag on the eyes.  Color should be to draw the eyes to what's important, and in iOS 6, it was usefully applied.  Bright colors draw the eyes.  That's not appropriate when you're doing work, having to fight your own eyes' distraction.  Now, looking at the icons, it's difficult to see what's what.  It reminds me of Windows 8 on a tablet more than an Apple product.


    I'm surprised no else in this list has mentioned these issues.


    One trouble is that tracking my wife's phone in Find My Friends broke, and remains broken, despite re-initiating the friend request.  Weird.

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    Regarding 'bolded contacts', you can go to settings, accessibility, then turn on 'Bold Text'...



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    bseegmiller wrote:



    I'm surprised no else in this list has mentioned these issues.


    WHAT? Haven't you read anything in the forum for the past 10 days? It's practically all that is being discussed!

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