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  • killhippie Level 3 Level 3 (705 points)

    Same problem, I cannot believ its picked up by the video so badly, also in calls too. To me thats a major issue that needs to be addressed. Really disapointed in the lack of quality control. Maybe try to get the guy to listen in a quiter room, its very noisey in Apple shops. No way should a loose power button interfere with the phones call and video functions.

  • Polydeuces Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    My gold 5S has the loose power button as well. There is not interference with any function of mine personally. I'm disappointed with this as well considering the fact that my brother got the 5C and it feels real solid. All the buttons of the 5C are solid and it feels tough.

  • jacobocses Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    ill update to let you know if the power button has really stopped rattling for good

  • jacobocses Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello, it looks like everyone is experiencing these problems, I felt like i was the only one that got screwed.


    Now i haven't found any definite answers to solve this problem online yet, but dont fret. i might have an unofficial fix


    I have had the 5S for about 24 hours, and i have been hitting the power button over and over and over trying to get it to fix itself and that didn't work, no matter how many times i did it.


    I decided to just blow on it to get some air inside the phone as well as pressing the power button a lot in between breathes, I thought that maybe there was some dust that was keeping it from attaching.


    I blew on it about 30 times or so and to my suprise it no longer has a loud rattle. The only sound i can hear now is a little vibration, and im pretty sure that is the gap in between the power button. Trust me everyone it is 1000 times lower. please try this, do not go into the apple store because you will get the another phone with the same problem because it is a defect.  So hit those power buttons a lot and blow on it like a Nintendo video game to get some air in, I hope this solves most peoples problem.


    I also noticed that the home button has a nice loud sound when you hit on that too, almost a crack or click, this is not normal either. I have noticed that it has gotten less loud the more i hit it.  i have pressed it like a hundred times in a row about four or five different times and this has helped quite a bit. The reason i mentioned this problem is because no threads have mentioned both of these problems at the same time.


    Again people do not go back to the apple store to get another 5S, it will have the same problem.  Just stay at home and break these bad boys in by pressing the buttons like crazy and dont forget to blow air in both of them, youll have better luck! I know this sounds rudimentary, but it is the only fix i have seen or heard about. Whats the harm, go return it if this doesnt work, its a win-win


    I hope this has helps!!

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    haha yeah my sister just blew on power button now rattle is gone.

  • killhippie Level 3 Level 3 (705 points)

    really odd I just blew on mine and the rattle stopped weird


    Edit: then it came back after pressing the button but not as bad, seems to come and go more now.

  • Polydeuces Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I just tested this on mine too. Rattle went away and came back later and I only blew on it once. Maybe they do require a break in period? I was browsing on some other discussions and there was this iphone 5 user that had same problem and said that the rattle went away after a few months of use. I can't prove this yet because I've only had my phone for a few days but we'll see how it goes.

  • jacobocses Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    yeah i can only assume that its metal rubbing against metal and it is something that is going to have to be tolerated if you want to keep the phone. but i have noticed there still is a rattle but it is still much lower than originally before i had done anything to it.

  • killhippie Level 3 Level 3 (705 points)

    I blew on mine again, (beware moisture) although tbh I think it sees worse in every day use. But the noise has all but gone now, I am quite happy with my phone. Why blowing on it causes this to get better I have no idea, but it does help.

  • killhippie Level 3 Level 3 (705 points)

    Sadly the 'fix' didnt last the night out and this morning its back to rattling yet again. My First iPhone a 3GS was perfect, but since then quality control has gone way down hill for the price paid. The 5C is robust and the buttons are not loose. Maybe Apple should have made all phones out of plastic, it seems a more robust material and has a lot less flaws.

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    im told by apple that its the camera lens and that its normal.

  • killhippie Level 3 Level 3 (705 points)

    Its definitely not the camera, I'm aware the noise the camera makes, but when you put your finger on the power button it stops that pretty much says, its the power button really.

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    Not really looking for a solution here but just to share my experience and give this discussion a bump.


    Got my 64gb Grey 5s last week and noticed the rattling power button. Went into the store to see if the display models have the same issue but found a couple that had a pretty solid power button. I made some appointments for a swap and did it after 3 tries in 2 stores (some gave me a really hard time). The replacement had a good, solid power button, HOWEVER, the home button was making loud, obnoxious clicks when i press them. Needless to say I was a little discouraged but went into the store again looking for a replacement. After 2 tries in 2 stores and some back and forth with the manager, they finally gave me another replacement (good thing they can't spit in my phone). This one had a good click on the home button but the power is still loose and rattles in video/audio recordings.


    I think for now I'll just live with it and use the sh*t out of this phone until someone acknowledges this problem instead of stressing over it. Tired of reinstalling everything everytime i get a replacement, and it's unfair to the store too if they have to open a bunch of them only to find the same problem. Hopefully (but unlikely) there will be some kind of recall for these to be fixed, in the mean time I'll put my finger on the power button when i'm recording so it doesn't rattle or find a case that will hold it in place.

    thanks guys.

  • Polydeuces Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    It looks like what has happened is that, Apple redesigned the power/sleep button. Maybe that new redesign is what is causing the rattle? Apple did this because many users were complaining about the power button and how it didn't last long. It makes sense now. When I asked the apple employee at the apple store about the rattle, his response was " they were designed that way". It's hard to believe but a flaw in the design is obvious. It's not a defect if more than 60% of users have this issue.


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    Hi guys,

    I tried to igonre the rattle but it's too obnoxious to ignore, especially when you try to take videos and make calls.

    Before someone acknowledges this problem at Apple, I found a dumb little hack that will let you enjoy your phone for the time being.


    I bought a case that covers the power button (in my case the Apple leather case). I cut a thin strip of paper and put it over the power button area. Insert phone, voila! no more rattle, and my vibrate sounds deep and solid like my 4S. You can probably use a cheaper silicon case that covers the power button, i think that will work as well as long as it's snug. Also, don't use more than 2 layers of paper or it'll press down the power button when you insert the phone.




    For those of you who don't like cases, I have not tried this but I'm assuming using removable vinyl tape will do the trick. I think it will look OK, but it should help with day to day use for now.


    It's almost ridiculous that I have to do this in order to use my phone, but it's a simple hack until they (or if they) do a recall.


    Hope this helps.

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