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  • ces911 Level 1 Level 1

    This is normal, I have had this on my iphone 5 and 5s and my wife to.. Went to store had same reply.. But who actually rattles there phone when taking video.. thats the only way to make it do that.. if u take a normal video it wont make that sound, if u video tape like ur in a earth quake then yes.. This is how they are produced.. Just a ****** design by apple as usual.. But not much we can do..

  • killhippie Level 3 Level 3

    If you tilt your phone it makes the rattle during video useage you dont have to try to rattle it, maybe some are worse than others perhaps. Anyone that is trying to justify a hardware issue so they dont have to come to terms with the fact their phone may be faulty by saying its 'normal' is mising the bigger picture here I belive. I also use a wheelchair, every bump makes the phone rattle, so should I never use my phone in a wheelchair when talking or recording video? My iPhone 5 button is tight and in a year has never rattled, so I cant see any of this as 'normal' I'm aftraid.

  • Ginola1 Level 1 Level 1

    If you use your phone for video in your car ie. track and so forth (there are many applications to support this) then the rattle is there all the time. It is very anoying as it was not there on the 4s. playing back the lovely 1080p video fottage with the most iritating rattle is very anoying considering the cost of the device.


    I will endevour to get a replacement that does not have rattling power and sleep buttons as it is one of my primary uses of the phone.

  • jamesjummi Level 1 Level 1

    I must say that this issue is very annoying when recording video and should not be accepted by anyone. It is a clear fault with the iPhone. I found this video where the guy explains it NmyAgajDTduw


    But yes I will be straight onto the phone tomorrow to complain about the issue!

  • jacobocses Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for whoever denied my post.

  • Dirty Vegas Level 4 Level 4

    jacobocses wrote:


    Thanks for whoever denied my post.

    I received your post in my email feed.  While it's not my place to guess, I believe our hosts rejected it because;


    1. It was neither a request for nor a response to a technical support issue. 
    2. It was a rant directed at Apple


    The post read as if you seem to be wanting to raise a little dust directed at Apple.  Since this community is hosted on the company's website, you shouldn't be surprised that they have snatched the soapbox (their soapbox) from under your feet. 



    Feel free to exercise your free speech on your own platform.

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    Repost from my other thread since this one is bigger/gets more attention:



    I went to the Apple Store earlier today to ask for a fix, remedy, or entire replacement.


    The genius I talked to said that:

    1. There is no fix to be had, since it's not an issue and it was "designed that way".

    2. There is no remedy to stop the rattling since it's not an issue (once again).

    3. Replacements cannot be given for this issue since, well, it's not an issue. It's "normal" and within specifications.


    I proceeded to ask why my 4S didn't have this rattle, but my 5s does. How am I to record video while walking, running, or just moving about in whatever way I please? The genius's response was simple: Don't. No one records video in such a manner, and if you do, it's your problem, not Apple's.


    I would have replied back that I could do all of the above perfectly fine with my 4S, but I had enough and realized it wasn't going to get me anywhere. I just thanked him bitterly and left.


    Back at home, though, I contacted Apple Support through chat. Alex talked and sympathized with me, stating that he suffered from the same issue, but that Apple claims that it is within specifications (and thus, not an issue/defect). He offered solutions, such as putting a case on that limits the movement of the power button, or even using tape.


    So basically, Apple refuses to acknowledge this as an issue, especially since it's a widespread one. All that talk about having sophisticated manufacturing processes to pick out the best fitting parts for each phone is total malarky.


    Such emphasis placed on just how much more improved the camera is on the 5s compared to previous iterations, yet such a obvious issue is overlooked, rendering the video camera completely useless.


    Apple designed the iPhone 5s this way. Yep; designed it to rattle. It was all part of the plan. And no one, absolutely no one, should ever use a video camera while moving around, cause it's just not normal.


    I'll just go back to my HTC One for the time being. Perhaps with the next iPhone, Apple will actually take us abnormal people into consideration.


    For anyone stumbling upon this post (presumably from searching the web about this rattle noise), here's a suggestion: do NOT buy the 5s for its video camera capabilities. It isentirely useless, as you cannot record footage without even a slight rattle noise in the video.


    I love Apple, but this is too much.

  • Level 1 Level 1

    Might swap my 5s with 5c, does anyone know if 5c has the same issue?

  • Polydeuces Level 1 Level 1

    No, the 5C doesn't have the same problem. I purchased two 5C iPhones for two members of my family and their iPhones feel way more solid than mine. The power button is rock solid and the home button doesn't make the loud clicking sound as the 5S does. I was thinking about going with the 5C for a second but the only color that attracts me would be the white one. It's still hard to downgrade though when the 5S is way more advanced.

  • Interdimension Level 1 Level 1 wrote:


    Might swap my 5s with 5c, does anyone know if 5c has the same issue?

    No, the 5c does not have this issue. Something about the plastic, or the design in general, prevents this sort of rattle noise from happening.

  • Maik_Germany Level 1 Level 1


    the same Problem here in Germany!


    I got my 5s from my Mobile Phone Provider. It´s rattling!

    So I contacted the Support Hotline, and they said "No, it´s not normal, it should not rattle".

    So they agreed to exchange the Phone by express delivery (without any discussion), and after 2 Days I hat my NEW iPhone 5s. It´s rattling! And on this One, the Home Button also made a very loud "klicking" Noise when you push it.


    I called the support again, and they said "What a bad luck, this may not happen, of course we send you a new one". Ok, 2 days later I had my NEW iPhone 5s (the third overall). aaaaand: It´s rattling!


    So i went to the Apple Store, and before i spoke to anybody there, i tested all the 10 exhibited devices (in all colors)..... And they ALL were rattling!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I talked to the Genius Man, and he told me, this is normal, and would not swap it, because perhaps the new exchanged Device could be even louder if I have bad luck!!!


    So please, dear Administrators of this community, bring this issue to the responsible Persons, and tell them that we have A BIG PROBLEM WITH A STANDARD ERROR that makes a 700€ Phone feel and handle like a 100 € Android Crap Phone!!!!


  • Interdimension Level 1 Level 1

    Maik_Germany wrote:


    So please, dear Administrators of this community, bring this issue to the responsible Persons, and tell them that we have A BIG PROBLEM WITH A STANDARD ERROR that makes a 700€ Phone feel and handle like a 100 € Android Crap Phone!!!!


    EXACTLY my thoughts. Heck, even my Galaxy S4 (which is constantly derided for its cheap plastic feel) has no rattle noise. Samsung isn't known for build quality and design. Apple is. So why in the WORLD does the 5s even suffer from this rattling noise that renders the video camera completely useless?


    I can't think of ANY other phone on the market that has this issue. The S4, HTC One, Moto X, any of the Nokia Lumia's, etc. This is embarassing for Apple, if I do say so myself. Tout the camera, yet ignore the rest of the phone's design. Awesome.

  • Brm9714 Level 1 Level 1

    Here is my story: I am an iPhone junkie. I have bought every iPhone that has come out. I am OCD when it comes to my iPhones so I seem to always find a problem. (Or I just have bad luck). I had 3 iPhone 5's. All of which had their own issues. First iPhone 5 kept crashing, replaced at Apple. Second, was victim of scratch gate which was very irritating to my OCD. But I lived with it until I dropped it as I was getting out of my car. Screen didn't crack but the side was very scuffed up. So I decided I'd just buy the white iPhone 5. It had a loose volume button that was very annoying. But I lived with it because I knew the 5s was around the corner.

    I received the 5s and it is flawless. I do however have the loose top power button and the clicking home button. The clicking home button I think is normal because of the new fingerprint scanner. The button itself is surely different than what we are use to in all other iPhones. However, the top power button is annoying. That is what brought me here. I don't pick it up in video because I've noticed that you only hear it if you shake the phone back and fourth while taking video. I do hear it when I pick up the phone, move the phone, and when it vibrates. It is annoying but like I said, I can find anything wrong with any phone I bring home. I worry that if I get it replaced, I may get one with a loose volume button. Or a scratch on the edge. Or a loose screen. Or a rattling camera. Or a static speaker.

    Seams there is always something that arrises with every iPhone launch. Antenna issues, scratch issues, now power button issues.

    I think I will live with it for now. I do know 2 people who's 4s power button quit working on them. If that ends up happening to me within the year warranty, then I'll replace. Other than that, I'm glad there is only one thing wrong with my phone vs several.

  • Brm9714 Level 1 Level 1

    One issue I do notice however is my internet speed on the network is incredibly slower than on my 5. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Interdimension Level 1 Level 1

    Brm9714 wrote:


    One issue I do notice however is my internet speed on the network is incredibly slower than on my 5. Anyone else have this issue?

    I've never had the iPhone 5, so I can't compare. But so far, network speed is leaps beyond my 4S's speeds.


    As for the loose power button, I just taped it in. Cut out a post-it note and cover half the power button, and tape it down with tape. Fixes the rattle, though now you're forced to put a case on to conceal the note/tape.

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