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  • Laoly Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi all After trying all of these fixes that workes for some people, not me.. I did my "own" solution.


    Step 1: try to connect to your wifi and put in the wifi password as usual. the loading ring thing shoud now be spinning as a mother******... and so on.


    Step 2: Now klick on your wifi and select static


    Step 3 Put in the information as is needed. 1, A static ip (matching your network ofc(mine: 2, Subnet mask, look this up too. mine was:


    Roter: take the default gateway(mine was


    And last DNS: take


    So all would look like this on your iPhone:


    Subnet mask



    Leave the last one blank


    Go to you pc's network settings/status to see what subnet and default gateway you have

    This is what I did and it worked instantly! ;D hope it works for someone!

  • messic Level 1 (0 points)

    same problem here I updated ios7 on my Iphone 4s and after a week wifi was gone I called Apple and i followed their instructions so i did re-set everything but afterall it still doesn t work. Apple as a 1st class company doesn t care unless you pay 200euro for repair.

    I had a Samsung Galaxy S Plus and then a S2 before I upgrated with the iphone and i was 100% satisfy with both of them,  so Im going to buy an Galaxy S3 or 4 and will say goodbye to Apple.

    Of course im disappointed but sooner or later Apple will pay the price for having a so poor customer sevice

  • peppz Level 1 (0 points)

    same problem here, grey wifi and bluethooth.

    after 15/20 imp reset it finally works. it's unbelieveble, we payd for a serius customer care, and they are only capable to say buy a new iphone. i will never buy another apple stuff.

  • ksaachin Level 1 (0 points)

    Fortunately my hardware cover was valid so apple replaced my old phone with new one. But what if it occurs again after lapse of warranty? May be they will ask to pay. Is it worth to take their $69 annual coverage plan in this case?

  • Denny Claussen Level 1 (0 points)

    My iphone 4s will connect to my aiport extreme with no problem.  It wouldn't connect to a public hotspot yet my wife's 4s would.  Only difference is mine has IOS 7.0.3.  Her's has IOS 6.  Otherwise, same phones.  Why would hers connect and mine not unless it is IOS related.  I did try resetting network settings, going to airplane mode and tried to connect and still no joy.  Got back home and connected fine to my home wifi.

  • Johnsgotwood Level 1 (0 points)

    I've also got the same wifi problem with the button greyed out and unmoveable. I'm also having problems with my bluetooth since upgrading to ios 7.0.3  my phone will no longer connect to my car stereo.  I have tried every fix suggested by Apple and users on this forum but it still won't work.  I've been to the "Genius bar" and been offered a new phone for £160.  Their diagnostic said the wifi needed service and they can't fix them so the word service should be replaced with "Scrapping".  Incidently my daughter replaced her phone 2 months ago for £130 from Apple, but for some reason the price has been hiked up considerably.

    I'm not sure if I can say its the fault of the updates or whether its just coincidence but given the price of these phones and the way they are marketed as being the answer to all our media needs, I think it is bad that after 18 months of use that this phone is now of little use.  I'm probably going to bite the bullet and buy a new iphone4s to take me to the end of my contract and when when that runs out will look at other options.  I don't think I'll be sticking with Apple though.

  • andrewfromdayton Level 1 (0 points)

    I ran into the WiFi issue for the first time today (Verizon iPhone 4S running iOS 7.0.4; been running 7 for a long time with no problems).  It would let me turn WiFi on and off, but would never show the WiFi connection in the top status area.


    I tried turning on airplane mode and resetting network settings, and then at least I could get WiFi to show in the top status area, but it still wouldn't actually browse the internet.




    Finally (following a suggestion above), I disabled all the security on my home router WiFi and re-connected.  Now the phone got on the WiFi with no problems and could browse the internet.  Then I re-activated the security of my router, and reconnected the iPhone, and so far it's still working.


    Right now I'm good, but part of me expects this to come up again.  Come on, Apple, this is not a device protection feature, it's a bug.  Unless the thing is physically going to catch fire, you're not doing users a favor by shutting it down when it gets a little warm.  For many users, that just turns the phone into an expensive paperweight.

  • Carloscoello Level 1 (0 points)

    After upgrading to the new version, I cannot hear the caller anymore!

    I have to make calls with earplugs or loudspeaker only now. Teribble. IPhone5!

  • maza1234 Level 1 (0 points)

    So this glitch just happened on my husbands 4s with the update - NOVEMBER 26, 2013.  No more wi-fi - gone completely gray and won't unlock.  Spent 2 hours restoring, backing up, and on the phone with Apple support.  Nope, not fixable.  His phone luckily is 11 months old so options are:


    1.  Go to Apple store and get phone replaced.  Nearest store 3 hours away so not much of an option.

    2.  Send the phone in and wait 2 weeks to get it fixed or replaced.  Does anyone have a landline anymore?  Is this really an option.

    3.  For $29.99 + tax "express service", Apple will send out a new phone (or possibly send us the phone that the last person just sent in to have the wi-fi "fixed".  They also put a $500 hold on our credit card.


    Can't even imagine if the phone were a year old what we would have gotten charged.   And have to get one because still with ATT for another year and would have to pay their extra if we cancelled it early.


    So....knowing that this was happening for at least 2 months, why did Apple continue with this update?  The cust. service rep. tried to tell me it wasn't because of the update, just coincidence that it happened at the same time.  So will the next update wipe out my phone service?  My texting?  Some other feature that you really expect to have, need to have, and have paid for.  And it will be "unfixable" and you have to send the phone back.  $30 a pop x 1/2 million people.  There are a whole lot of people out there that don't live near an Apple store and you have no choice but to pay it.  And is it really a glitch?  Or can they just shut it off and turn it back on when you send your phone back?  Nice little chunk of change - makes for a couple of nice Christmas bonuses.  My contract is up - was going to get another Iphone - never again after this. 

  • jemunroe Level 1 (0 points)

    Yep...huge bonus for Apple.  Even with the lost loyalty from prior-fans like us.  I had the same thing happen, but my phone was 21 months old.  I tried to survive on 3G but kept busting my limit.  Finally upgraded to 6gig/month to make up for loss of wifi. 


    In the end a friend gave me a used Droid X2.  Good condition, and guess what?  Wireless and Bluetooth work!  It didn't cost a dime to switch my verizon device over to the Droid, even though I'm still on contract.  They don't care what phone you use, as long as overall service doesn't stop.  I then reduced my plan to the standard 2gig/month. 


    Couldn't be happier with this new/old phone.  Free, and it works.

  • toni198 Level 1 (0 points)

    Maza, I had the same problem, just after update, wifi disappeared.
    Apple customer care denied that it had anything to do with the update though I had been told that the update increased voltage which blew out the solder to the wifi or...something like that.


    I took my phone to a place called the iPhone Guy, in Australia, as I was visiting there from the UK at the time.
    They fixed it for 60 Australian dollars and told me that it was a common problem, that many many users were having a issues with the wifi after the update.


    Apple had wanted me to post the phone back the the UK, at my expense, and have it repaired or replaced.


    Though my iPhone is now fixed, I have bought a fairphone from and will see how that works out.

    And I see there is a new update for the iPhone but there's no way I am going near that.

    This forum, while a good place to vent, I think has little effect on Apple as a company, in terms of them doing anything about this issue.

  • Rajkumar Warrier Level 1 (10 points)

    You don't have to imagine!  I was told it will cost me$190 since my phone was out of warranty! 

    I bought a Moto X in its place since I was able to upgrade through my carrier. I love iPhone but these people are burying their head in the sand as far as wifi issue is concerned. It will be a while before I return to iOS in spite of my love for Apple. 

    May be I will get used to the other Ecco system after all



  • Sunnshyne12 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have upgraded to the IOS 7. Tried every possible solution posted everywhere. Apple says it is the phones hardware and not the software which is ridiculous considering I never had a problem before upgrading the software. I find it very hard to believe that its a coincidence that all of a sudden my wifi stops working after the IOS 7 upgrade.  If it is the hardware on the phone and not the software then why did the problem not occur on the previous software with the same hardware???


    Maybe apple did do there testing but with as many people having this issue on so many devices and such a world wide issue obviously this is not a coincidence and apple did not do enough testing and should be doing something to keep there customers happy. It cant be a coincidence on thousands of peoples phones, and it seems thats the line apple customer services reps have been told to use to there customers as plenty of people have quoted being told that. 


    Also if this has happened with other IOS versions how can they continually blame the hardware on the phone. If its multiple IOS versions that our having the problem I think it comes down to issues in the software.


    I am very skeptical to ever buy another apple iphone with the worry with future IOS versions on any phone that this problem could arise again and I will have to pay for another phone again. 

    Apple has lost me as a customer for life.


    Apple needs to fix this and man up to the problem and stop saying its a coincidence when thats a joke with how many thousands of people are having this issue.

  • marineek Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a wifi issue as well just right after upgrading into iOS7!


    The symptoms are: 1. the wifi button is greying out or 2. if you are lucky, so the wifi button is green, but all the time is in a searching mode without connecting...


    Since that I have to pay extra cost for using my 3G! Moreover in case I do a "reset network setting" and afterwards restart my iPhone, then turn on/off the airplane mode, then reboot and in the end repeat several times to  "reset network settings " , only after these steps the grey out button is turning into green and my wifi works for only once! Then in case you choose another wifi connection or you disconnect, so you are unlucky! Because your wifi is again grey out!


    Technicians say it's a hardware issue, but I don't think so! In case it would be a hardware issue, why should from time to time the wifi work?!


    My iPhone turned into a dummy phone and I am disappointed from responsiveness of iPhone customer care in order to take the according measures of fixing it! New iOS7 versions come, but no any solution yet!

    The worst is that my iPhone is out of warranty already :-(


    Who knows when a new iOS7 version will be available ?

    Thanks for sharing!



    P.S. sent from my iPhone with a working wifi button for a while by chance! :-(

  • Sunnshyne12 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Everyone,


    I have found a solution that worked on my iPhone 4S. I have had wifi working continuously for a week now. I can come and go from my house and it connects right back up every time.


    So this is what I did.

    1st - I did the heating your phone trick, except I didn't use a blow dryer. I placed it under a lamp that gets super hot for about ten mins. Until my screen said "iphone to hot has to cool before use".

    I then waited tell it cooled off tried the wifi and no luck.

    2nd - put my phone in airplane mode did a hard reset

    3rd - still in airplane mode took my SIM card out and did another hard reset

    4th - with SIM card still out turn airplane mode off, once again I did another hard reset. This time as the apple sign came on I never let go of the home button, the phone just flashed the apple button for awhile I think I held it for 30-45secs.

    5th - I then let it boot all the way up, I left the SIM card out and tried my wifi it connected no problem. I then put my SIM card back in and haven't had a problem since.


    Since I've done this I have had to reboot my router for computer purposes and my iphone never had issues connecting again. It comes on and off as it should.


    Hope other people have success with this. So Glad I have save myself $199 on buying a new phone.

    Good luck everyone!

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