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    Happy New Year.


    I understand MS has decided to offer downgraded versions of all Windows systems...oops, all Windows versions are downgraded to begin with :-)

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    I dont know why its such an issue. The iPod cant handle it, its that simple. In a few years apple will release iOS10 and the iPhone 5S wont be supported because it wont be powerfull enough. If they toned down the OS to accommodate for more devices the OS wouldnt be as good and millions more people would suffer.

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    Everyone, please, just stop arguing about planned obsolescence and stop hating on Apple because your ancient iPod doesn't support it. It is true that Apple plans five years in the future every year, but does this mean that they are not allowed a little touch of innovation? The parallax effect is not the reason that Apple has dropped support for some devices, as many seem to believe. In fact, that is a contributor, but the main point is the OpenGL graphics which have become incredibly advanced. This would still run on older devices but would be incredibly slow due to grinding on the processor.


    Thanks for reading.

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    I completely understand why you're upset. I am too. I'm a student and as many of you may know, as a student you don't have a lot of money.

         Now, I literally save my money for a few months about a year ago and bought an iPod, since the one I had before was outdated (same problem as I have right now). It turned out to be quite important, since my University has an app you can use (actually HAVE to use since it has videos of seminars and stuff like that). However, I can't download the newest version, because that's only for iOs 7. Again, same problem (only then it was for an app I really wanted for a TV show... Now it's actually for my education)

         I am quite upset about this and I have to use my phone (which is an Android) to get this app now. I'm contemplating completely switching to Android and not buying a new iPod if mine breaks (which it probably will be soon, it's already showing some cracks in the system. As in; no sound at some point, very slow and some features don't even work anymore, like the alarm clock)    

         So yeah, I understand why you're upset. I simply don't have the money to buy a new iPod, simple as that. So I don't know what I'll be doing now, but I know I'm really not happy with this. I've made do with no student loans at all until now (which is a very difficult thing to do, I know... I had a lot of money from working and a banking account my parents set up when I was born) and I'll be damned if this is the thing that'll cost me that much.

    My sincerest well-wishes for the New Year,


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    As you see, i have the same problem. But it is not all about getting the top things, its about what you already have! i mean i want the update too, but what ive been taught is that its not about getting everything, its about what YOU have. I WILL NOT quit on apple for THIS because YOU can save up to get one!!! I already have it on my iPad 3!!!

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    i don't believe you can run iOS7 on your android device, either.

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    Hey Caleb, you have some great info over in the Pro Apps area...not my field...keep at it like you are doing.  Keep it up.

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    Well all I have is my main screen coming up, and it keeps saying log into I tunes but when I do it says they detected a problem and still does nothing. Its like the screen is frozen.

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    Just trade in your ipod 4 for a 5.

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    We are talking about the relative capacities of a fifth gen and a first gen though. That ios7 is not available to one gen back is calculated and targeted obsolescence.

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    Well would you rather have an extremely extremely extremely slow iPod touch with iOS 7 or a fast iPod touch with iOS 6?

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    Well it's because iOS 7 would be so slow on the  iPod that you would crash trying to turn it on.

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    on ipd touch 4g you cant get ios 7 only you can get the ios 7 theme

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    I find it really unfair, cause I'm pretty sure the iPad 2 is older than the 4g ipod, (I have ios 7 on my ipad 2) but I absolutely hate it, so even if i could get ios 7 on my ipod i wouldn't update. What I find annoying is that you know that 12 days of christmas app that was on the app store at christmas? You needed ios 7 to download it. I am sick of apple, they must have so much Cheek to do this.

    Also, even if it makes peoples ipods really slow, maybe some people won't care and still download it! On android you can have a 10 year old tablet running the latest version of kitkat, and on the Play store does it say that you need the latest version of android to download a certain app? No, and before the apple fanboys still think theres compatibility issues with android devices I've never came across one.

    So apple, stop trying to fool people, we KNOW you're doing this just for money.

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