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  • neilox1 Level 1 Level 1

    You should try to fight your ground, keep quoting the Sale of goods act and that the product should be fit for purpose and should last a reasonable amount of time without fault. Someone else on this thread said that Apple design batteries for at least 1000 recharges which you wouldn't get anywhere near in just over a year.


    I wasn't armed with this info when I paid for a replacement battery, but I am going to take up the fight with Apple and EE to get a refund after Christmas. On the plus side a new battery has fixed the problem. Let us know how you get on

  • Planemo Level 1 Level 1

    Having the same problem as everyone else here.  I was so frustrated over the holidays when trying to take pictures and my phone would power off, always at the wrong time.  This has to be a problem with iOS and not battery.  Once I updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 7, this issue started.  Apple please fix.

  • Shan-O-Han Level 1 Level 1

    I had this occur just tonight while talking on my iphone, no camera involved.  Phone just shut down, low battery icon on the screen, connect to charger, it comes back to life showing 34% battery.  So no, not just just camera, it's been happening on my phone randomly for a little over 2 months.

  • jcmcnamee Level 1 Level 1

    Had my battery replaced and works fine now, unfortunately.

  • Q-Lite Level 1 Level 1

    I guess I should add my name to those affected by this problem.  For me it seems to occur most of the time when taking a photo but not always.  This began a few months ago shortly after updating to iOS7.

  • ksarpal Level 1 Level 1

    I am reporting the same issue on my cell. Some times I was using the camera or watching video on facebook, with the battery at around 30% when the phone shut down without any low battery warning. The phone will not switch in until it is plugged in to a power source. 


    The problem is consistent as I spend some time on Facebook, videos and camera, I have battery % drop issue regularly. Is there a solution?

  • UberCraig Level 1 Level 1

    Same exact problem here with my iPhone 5 as well. Only started happening after upgrading the iOS 7. I had so many bugs with iOS 7 that I did a complete wipe and restored my phone is new with the very latest version. While this did seem to solve most of the problems I was having, the battery drain issue as described in this thread has only gotten worse! It now regularly shuts my phone down at 40%.


    What bothers me even more is that Apple ignores the dozens and dozens of posts about problems like this all over their forums. And forget about calling for help, no one at Apple has a clue about any real problem with the iPhone or the iOS. Even their so-called senior advisers basically just tell you the same thing. Wipe the phone,  turn this on, turn that off, things that don't really work. With all the bugs I've had with  iOS 7, I've yet to have a single Apple advisor actually say "Oh yes, we realize that's a problem and we're trying to resolve that." Cultural arrogance only works when you really have the best product on the market. I'm afraid Apple's customer support has slipped seriously, and their product is starting to slip as well.

  • Q-Lite Level 1 Level 1

    UPDATE:  I called Apple tech yesterday to discuss the problem.  They asked me if it would be okay if they sent me a text msg which would enable them to run a diagnostic on my phone.  I said okay even though I was hesitant. Once receiving text msg I clicked on the link which then asked me whether I wanted a quick test or a full test.  Tech had me select quick test.  Within seconds, the tech received results and he immediately told me that my battery had failed.  I had purchased the phone near the end of Sept. 2012.  Warranty would have expired but I had Apple Care.   They suggested that I take the phone to an Apple store for the quickest service.  I wiped the phone expecting the phone to be replaced.  When I got there I was told that they would replace the battery vs the phone. 


    Part#661-6856, Battery Kit, iPhone5  $79 + tax.  Took about a half hour.


    I'm happy that it's fixed however I felt that I should not have had to have Apple Care for this issue.  They did tell me that if I had brought this issue to their attention within a few days of warranty expiry they would have covered it.


    Still didn't seem right, but it is all fixed.  So how long will this battery last me?  I started having issues about 12mos into ownership of this device (same time as iOS7 release.

  • romdos Level 1 Level 1

    I'm surprised your post wasn't deleted yet.  I started following this thread at about 10,000 views.  Apple has decided it's cheaper to fix the squeaky wheels than own up to the obvious software issue that is causing it, especially since most of the people posting here are already out of warranty.

    In my case, Apple was gracious and replaced my phone because it was a warranty replacement iPhone 5 and while I bought the original 14 months prior, the replacement phone was less than a year old.

    I know several people personally with this same issue and they are just dealing with it because they don't want to take the time to jump through the hoops in order to get the problem fixed.

    Be sure to subscribe to the thread on email so you can see all the deleted posts in your email.

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    I have the same issue. Haven't tried a battery. Seems odd that ever since io7 my battery dies at 60%.

    Running 7.04. I think I'll either wait for iphone 6 or jailbrake back to ios6. I hate to do that. I've been legit this long.

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    Same problem here too, me and my wife picked up two iphone5 14 month ago, I upgraded to ios7 and she didn't because she didn't like the calendar and the new look. now my phone dies much faster than her and every time i take picture and my battery capacity is below 40% it just dies and wont turn on for at least 20 minutes, on the other hand she has no problem and can take pictures even at 2%.

    I should have never ever updated my phone and lost total trust in apple. i called apple care and they talked to me as if i am the only one having this issue and tells me my phone is 14 month old, and battery will not hold as a new phone, in a way that, hey get a new one.

    They lunched a faulty upgrade, not only won't admit but also won't even let you downgrade to the old one.

    after researching about this issue i found out lots of people have this problem(just google it) this iphone5 is my last phone from apple as they are not the company they once used to. I'm out.

  • Vincienup Level 1 Level 1

    Well, after running Apple diagnostics which indicated 'power issue' (!) and chatting with Apple online I was booked into Genius Bar, who re diagnosed and asked for money to replace battery.


    Ensued argument between me, Apple and Network:

    Manufacture fault: I'm not paying.

    Apple: 13 months old = SOL. Go see your retailer.

    Network: European SOG act doesn't exist/Apple's problem/everything on their site is rubbish/we didn't sell you it either/should have bought insurance.


    Eventually, Network caved in face of Legals and reimbursed me for repair.


    Annoyed, as clear fault within rated life, and is clearly software killing/speeding death of HW, but a battery replacement is the only way forward.


    Mine is now fine again and totally back to new performance, even with 7.0.4


    Next phone may be a different vendor, however.


    Customer service issues?  Could be.

  • tiffichels Level 1 Level 1

    SO easy to resolve if you are still under warranty!


    Website troubleshooting sent me a text and diagnosed bad battery.  I chatted online with service and here's the chat:


    Me: My iPhone 5 started shutting down randomly after the ios 7 update and now i can only use it when it is plugged in. It can be at 60% - 80% anywhere and if I try to do anything it shuts down. Seems like a common problem based off of blogs.

    Apple: I’m very sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your battery Heather!

    Apple: I do see according to the diagnostics that your battery is not functioning properly! The good news is we can get you setup with a repair/replacement under the iPhones warranty.

    Apple: In order to get you set up with a repair/replacement you could take it to a local Apple Retail Store an Apple Authorized Service Provider or we have a couple of mail in options which would you prefer?

    Me: Great, Mail in would probably be best because I am 2.5 hours from an Apple store

    Apple: We have 2 mail in options. The 1st option, you mail in your device and we mail you another. This takes about 5-7 business days.

    The 2nd option is called express replacement, for $30 we overnight you a new device and you mail in the damaged one. We would also need to place a hold on a credit card for the retail value of the device until we received the damaged one in the mail.

    Me: OK. how much would be placed on hold on the card for option 2

    Apple: Somewhere around $700

    I opted for mail option 2.  A financial rep from Apple called me and got my card #.  $715 was charged to my card.  I will have my new phone tomorrow and return old one and should have my money back in a week (I had to use a debit card but credit cards will get you your money back faster).  If you don't have them money option 1 is great, you just don't have your phone for a few days.

    Wish I would have done this a few months ago!!  Missed out on a lot of Christmas photos.  :-(

    SO, if you're still under warranty...get on the website and start the process.  Took me a total of 20 minutes and I will never have do deal with the dying battery again. 

  • Bob355 Level 1 Level 1

    OKAY, here is the fact if you haven't still got it, the argue is WHY a $700+ phone has to function faulty right after software  upgrade and the manufacture tries to cover it up by ignoring it.

    If I pay $700+ for a phone I'll expect to work longer than one year it is not the issue of warranty, it should be a recall so the majority of people who did not instigate this problem can still use the phone. Either:

    - iPhone batteries are being made low quality

    OR- Premature lunch of software causing problem and apple has no solution and wont admit to it to protect their shareholders stock price

    OR- Purposely made this situation to boost sales by charging out of warranty people.


    Why do i have to pay extra because of software upgrade and why i am not allowed to revert back to my old software.


  • discjockeyr Level 1 Level 1


    How is possible after upgrade to ios7 this problem appears? I don't believe that this is a battery issue. In my case the problem appears when i am trying to use the camera and it happens at 60%, 40%, 30%. Then if you hold the 2 buttons and reset the phone it operates again from the percentage that was the battery before crash. If it was the battery i don't believe that it will operate again.

    Ios7 for me ***** and apple cannot solve the bucks. For sure a battery that is one year old is not like a new one and that is a reason that when they replace the battery the problem disappears but i believe that soon or later the problem will appear again if they not find the solution. 

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