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  • SlickTide1 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having same problem with my battery.  Going to make a Genius appt for next weekend.   My iPhone 5 is 16 months old.  If they try to make me pay $79 for a battery it will be my last iPhone. 

  • cyber10matt Level 1 Level 1

    everyone listen up, since apple has a crappy 1 year manufacturing warranty, go check with your wireless carrier to see if they have any sort of extended warranty on the products they sell (assuming you bought the phone from the carrier and not from an apple store, then you might be on your own) some carriers have like an extended warranty that they offer to customers, or they are some times more leanient on the rules for fixing out of warranty phones


    Good luck!!

  • Ivoryminx Level 1 Level 1

    Yep - exact same problem. I'm looking at my iphone 5 right now, that suddenly turned off this afternoon while I was trying to take photos while hiking - I just plugged it in to charge and it still has 69% battery. If I leave it off for 1/2 hr after the initial problem, it will turn on again, but will once again turn off when I try to take more photos. I expect more from a machine I paid pretty close to $1000 for, especially when I didn't cause the problem. This has only come up since the new OS was installed. I tried a Restore, but didn't work. Has anyone heard anything more about this issue?

  • ITPCI Level 1 Level 1

    Just now my phone got the 20% warning then it shuts off and says it needs a charge. I charge it and its at 20%. What is going on??


    I have an iPhone 4S with version 5.1.1. Never upgraded

    After reading some comments

    It seems it happens to all software versions of the iPhone

  • LogyBayer Level 1 Level 1

    Maybe this fix is what we have been waiting for:

  • ITPCI Level 1 Level 1

    No it doesn't i have version 5.1.1 and last night it did it at 20% today it just did it at 79%



  • Psice7 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same problem ffs. My phone is at 41%, I take a photo, and then boom my phone is off. I leave it for 2 mins try to open again and it shows my the screen with the empty battery and asks me to plug it in....


    Please fix it apple!@!

  • Bob355 Level 1 Level 1

    iOS7 was the most premature and worst update ever in apple history, i have iPhone 5 and 4 ( personal and work)

    After update iPhone 4 became sooooo slow and crappy that i complained to apple and they acknowledge the problem and they told me there is no way to go back from iOS7, after much arguing they located an iPhone 4 in their stock wich didn't have the new update and i had to pay $160 to swap my phone with it . So i did, Yes i paid $160 to go back from iOS7. This update so far has cost me $160. And now i am having the battery problem with my iPhone 5 which dies suddenly when i take picture and it seems it would cost me $79 to fix it by replacing the battery . Seriously is that fair?!???

    My wife couldnt deal with this issue and  switched to samsung few weeks ago and cant be happier but I'm stuck with this paper weight called iPhone 5.

    And apple still ignoring to admit this huge problem and recall the effected batteries, instead they are cashing in and selling extra batteries. It is disgusting how they are profiting from this problem.

    Who ever came up with iOS7 should be fired along with the one who approved it. What they were smokin!!!!!?

  • discjockeyr Level 1 Level 1

    Guys, i don't believe that in all those cases the battery fail suddently in one day. If the problem was the battery why then when you put it to the charger for 1 sec the percentage is back to the percantage that was before the crash? also in most of the cases this happens while trying to take a photo which probably is a bug in the ios7. there are other applications that have more consuption than the camera so why not happened also to that applications. also in my case when this happens if i hard reset the phone with the 2 buttons then is rebooting again in the previous percantage. the battery for sure after 6-12-18 months is not as the brands new and maybe in those cases that they replace the battery and they still don't have this issue i believe after few months they will came across this issue again. Apple support fail to solve this untill now and as they don't have a solution they earn money replacing batteries untill they solve the bug. If they want to offer a real support they have to announce that as this is caused by ios7 then to offer a free replacement battery to all phones that they face this issue or in case that they don't accept that this is an ios7 issue then their battery are low quality and they fain after a year and again they have to support the customers. mine is 9 months old and having this problem but unfortunately in Cyprus we did not have apple store and the providers offering iphone but it seems that they don't have an idea how to solve problems like this.

  • slyguy_28 Level 2 Level 2

    Same thing happens to me. My iPhone 5 will be at >80% charge and I'll start an application (camera, maps, Safari, iTunes) and the screen will go black. I'll see the spinning wheel and the phone will shut off. Try to turn it on again and I'll see the battery symbol asking me to plug in. I plug in, WHAM! battery back to >80%.


    I have a Mohie JuicePack Helium case and recharging is quick and easy. I just flip a switch and I'm charging. Problem is, this is obviously either a bad battery - I've also had the iPhone about 18months or it's a software issue. It's really frustrating. I'd take it in, but they'll just offer to replace the battery. I don't think that alone will fix this.


    Really frustrated with this...

  • Bob355 Level 1 Level 1

    My god, i thought battery problem was only here at 12 pages. But check this out, here is 240 pages of iphone5 battery problems......

    And still no respond from apple!!!!!!!!


  • V1VrV2Rotate Level 1 Level 1



    I was absolutely certain my battery problems were coincidental with the ios 7 upgrade. Maybe they were or maybe the problem was a combination of the upgrade and a battery on the brink.


    Either way, upon the advice and feedback on this thread, I purchased a new battery and install kit from and did the replacement on Superbowl Sunday.


    I believe the problem is solved. The battery now acts like a battery should. It drains at a predictable rate, and stops draining when the phone is not in use. So far there have been no more atomic meltdowns when I shoot a photo, as I and everybody else here have experienced.


    My phone was 16 months old. If you are within the warranty period, I would immediately get apple to do a diagonsic on your battery and demand a replacement if it does not perform to standards.

  • futurefuture Level 1 Level 1

    Has anyone who purchased their iphone with an Amex or Mastercard tried to use the extended warranty that comes with these cards to replace their battery or phone?  Apparently purchasing items with some credit cards gives you another year of warranty, but i'm not sure if batteries would be covered under this.


    I'm in the same boat - bought my iphone 5 in September 2012, upgraded to IOS 7 in October 2013 and immediatley started having battery issues - with the phone dying when it said i have 20-30% battery life.  My partner and I bought our iphones at the same time, but i had to exchange mine for a new phone as my screen had a very yellow cast.  His phone has been fine throught the ios 7 update, meanwhile mine is just crap - but they were from different batches


    Unfortunately, i did run into a bad scenario yesterday.  I live in NYC, which is currently covered in snow and ice. An elderly neighbor of mine slipped and fell and hit his head and was extremely disoriented.  I called 911 and luckily was able to make the call before my battery shut down.  But shortly after, i tried to make another call and the battery went dead with 20% juice.

  • Sameoldbrandnew Level 1 Level 1

    I am facing the same problem 29 % and my phones shuts off .... after waiting 5-10 mins i can switch it on and it clicks and goes off again ... and sometimes without pluggin support it doesnt start. My phone is 13 months old and this phone was gifted to me by my cousin so not sure weather it has extended warranty or not... tried flashing my Iphone 5 two times but nuthing is helping out. My friends asked me usualy to take pictures and i am so ashamed to tell them that my Iphone will die ... as they all are android users and i made fun of them supporting apple ...... i hope some day someone from apple takes time to read the review and send us some link which can solve the issue .... and this issue started after updating to IOS 7 onwards.

  • rocket3dude Level 1 Level 1

    I'm in UK, and have been experiencing this issue for the past couple of weeks!! EXACTLY the same symptons as described here. I contacted Apple and they advised restore to factory settings which I did, it did nothing as the issue did the same power off whilst on Bluetooth, obviously a heavy powerdrain, yet % showed 46% when it powered off. Apple ran a Duagnostic check but were very coy over the phone, saying that the check said "Phone powering off". They advised me to restore from itunes as a new phone, but I'm loathed to do this as I will need to restore EVERYTHING, and after reading on here, I don't think that removes glitch. The phone is 120 days out of Warranty, but it NEVER had any issues before latest 7.0.4 update!!

    Apple, get this sorted NOW or you'll be losing some loyal Customers. HJAS ANYONE FOUND A CURE?

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