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  • lsttsl Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the issue since November. In the Apple Store they run some tests on my iPhone concluding that my battery is still fine (14 months old). They said that if I restore my phone from scratch (not from a backup) and I still got the issue, I should come back again.


    Three weeks ago I finally restored my phone. Since then I no longer had the issue and even if I tried to explicitly reproduce the issue, I was now no longer able to do so (while it was very easy to reproduce the issue before).


    So in my case the restore actually resolved the issue...

  • Bob355 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I did as lsttsl mentioned to restore from scratch and did not helped. A BIG waste of my time and issue is still there phone dies if i open camera app.

    There is no real solution except to get rid of stupid buggy iOS7

  • Ddben51 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    There is a new IOS update 7.0.6 which was just released.

    Does anyone know if this solves the battery/camera crash problem?

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    Ok, so because i bought my iphone 5 with a credit card that offers extended warranty, the credit card company actually paid for the iphone replacement battery. 


    Like others, even though this problem started with an IOS upgrade, replacing the battery seems to have fixed the problem - I replaced it a week ago.  Hopefully, the same thing won't happen again.

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    It's a bad battery.

    If your out of warranty like I was, Apple will tell you to pound salt. They wanted an $80.00 charge to replace my battery.

    I changed my battery myself, and ruined my phone. I now have an iphone 5 paperweight sitting in my desk.

    Switched to Android and have never been happier.


    Good luck everyone. you're gonna need it!

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    I've just downloaded update, phone at 29% after update, thought great, Apple are bound to have added fix to this issue!! Bollox have they!! Put Bluetooth, music on and started taking pics, phone shutdown after 6 photos!!! Same scenario, said flat n plug in, I did so and phone switched on with 26% battery life showing.

    COME ON APPLE WHY ARE YOU IGNORING THIS, get it sorted or you'll loose long term customer base, and WHY HAVEN'T YOU EVEN COMMENTED ON THIS THREAD????????

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    My Iphone 5 which is 18months old is doing exactly the same thing. Battery can be at 50%+ and one photo shuts it down. Then it is a ***** to get started again. Grrrrrrrrr!

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    Here's an update on my iPhone 5: I discovered I have warranty (YAY!) so made my Genius appointment and told them of my problem. Funny, it was like he never heard of this problem before.... you know, THIS problem that so many people are commenting on and trying to find a solution for. Anyhoo, I told him that I am usually outdoors when this occurs, and he told me it's because the iPhone 5 cannot be in weather below 0 Celcius or it drains the battery. Strange as my husband, who has the iPhone 4, never has this issue. However, I told thim that I did a Restore to attempt to solve the problem, and he proceeded to attempt a Firmware restore. My phone did not respond. I sat in Apple at the Genius Bar for 45 min and my phone did not respond to any kind of restore. They gave me a new phone, and this is what was written on the receipt:

    "Issue: Customer states that when she is outside taking photos or when she is in the house her battery will drop dramatically. Diagnostic shows that the battery passes. Customer states that the issue started happening after ios 7 update. Performed Device Firmware Update since customer states that she had already performed a reset of content.

    Steps to Reproduce: Phone froze in Device Firmware Update mode and can't reset.

    Proposed Resolution: Replace device

    Cosmetic Condition: No physical damage and no Liquid Contact Indicator was tripped"

    IF I did not have warranty, this would have cost me $269. For something that I didn't do, did not have any part of, nor even know *** it is. Apple, Apple, Apple. You have so many people wrapped around your little finger and you tug and pull and just don't care do you? You know they will all come back. I will also add that I live 3 hours away from the nearest Apple store, and have to return for them to replace a faulty battery in my MacBook Air (also under warranty, fortunately). It makes me wonder if Apple is just going in the toilet, or did my lemon iPhone 5 kill my MacBook? Lesson learned here is: IF you buy Apple, make sure you buy extended warranty.

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    Has anyone from Apple support answered this thread? Why I cannot see any updates from Apple, but many updates from customers still with the same problem up to February 2014? That's a lack of respect with your customers...

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    After all, did u change your iPhone battery?..... B'cause i should change it, but i don t know if it's right...

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    From my own experience:  You're going to need to change the battery.


    I did and mine is now ok, but I feel abused by Apple, just like most others on here.


    Breaking your customers' 13 month old £500 phones and expecting them to happily pay for their own repairs is the dumbest piece of customer service I've ever heard of.


    I understand batteries are consumables and wear out, but they should not be failing like this during the expected life of the handset - especially within the battery's rated number of charge cycles.  That's usually called 'faulty manufacture'.


    The fact that the whole thing mysteriously happens after a software update - and seemingly continues to happen when holdout kids update their software now - shows further issues with the product.


    The final piece of Fail is Apple and the network supplying the phone both denying they are the vendor and pointing at the other, therefore sidestepping the EU laws about this sort of thing.  I assume on the back of the various issues with melting GPUs and logic boards in MBP's Apple are keen to keep this quiet.


    I don't believe how little coverage this is getting.

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    AFAIK, the only input Apple Support has had to this thread is deleting posts.


    It's surprising just what has been deleted.  There's a clear attempt to manage this story in progress.


    As various other suggested months ago, subscribe to the thread if you want the full, uncensored version.

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    I understand....but i don t really know from where can i get a new see, i am from Romania and here for now doesn t exist any Apple store....if i were get a battery from any service , definitely that would be a fake one...and I need the original battery..thanks

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    Well...I purchased a battery replacement kit from ifixit, replaced it myself (15mns) and Pouf! no more battery problem whatsoever since! 

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    My iphone 5 started showing similar problems soon after the ios7 update as well. It started before the warranty expired, but i didnt think it would be a consistent problem at the time. Now I know better sadly


    Today my phone read 55% and it died on a very important call. After trying frantically to start it back and being told that it needs charging about 5-6 times, it magically is working again now and showing 46%. I dont trust it one bit.


    I trusted Apple foolish