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    Well i have joined the group who have had to get new battery, went to Apple store yesterday, they did the test and found BAD battery.  They actually said it needs "service", that means new battery!  100plus days out of waranty so out of pocket for me:( Seems better now have 7% and phone is still running.

    I asked if he had ever heard of this happening and he almost too quickly said no!  Have a hard time believing that...

    Back to work now:)


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    Exact same screen happens to my iphone 5 as well. I am very very much disappointed because I was about  out of contact for more than three hours with my sister and I forgot my car charger at home, she was in the hospital and didnot know which room was it but my phone was dead and turned off, I was far away from home and wanted to reach home. I am ill and I dont have enough resources, this Iphone giving me hard time and I was best customer of Iphone since 2007 and since then I never missed any model, recently I am not happy with this purchase and battery getting dead every after 30%, I had so many problems yesterday and at the same time I bought Note 3 Samsung. Iphone is piece of Junk and IOS 7 doesnt work with some applications even they never kick them off from

    apps Store if they had problem and not warned them. I will definitely planning to make reviews on every Apple forum webites because this is my constitutional right freedom of speech and if I dont get service, I have been using Iphone since 2007 but unfortunately Iphone 5 and 5 s were piece of Junk in term of their battery life and IOS 7. Dont buy it. Apple is far behind in features and new technologies. Thanks

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    guys i have the same problem. i am using a Iphone 4s. the problem i  have is when i take a few pictures using my camera the phone suddely switch off. again when i try to turn it on it indicates battery low red sign. to turn on the phone again i should either wait for like 10 minutes or connect it to the charger. when the phone turns on again it shows same battery percentage when it turned off.


                                                       well i tried some few things regarding this. i tried using the camera when its charging. then i didnt get this issue. i was able to take more than 50 pictures. have you guys tried like this? try it and see. i think this is a battery issue. maybe the IOS7 is the cause of this battery issue. not sure yet.

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    have you tried the camera when charging ?

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    I have the same problem. Bought the iPhone5 on Nov 2012. And the "40% shutdown" problem happened on Dec 2013, just one month after the warranty expired. The situation got worse and worse. The worst being last week, when the iPhone went from 100% to 10% in 90min of use with my sport app (Runtastic), which I could use 8 hours without any problem a few months before. Surprizingly, right after that, even though the iPhone was at 10% of its capacity, I could watch videos on YouTube for 2 hours or so, and the indicator still said "10 %" after 2 hours!!!

    From Dec 2013 till march 2014, I tried everyhing: resetting the iPhone, disabling the most battery-consuming apps and items, calibrating the battery... Nothing worked.

    I had the battery changed on March 9th, but in the shop (Apple repair shop, in Shibuya, Japan), I was proposed to have either the battery either the iPhone changed, as if the guy was not able to understand the problem and asked me to bet on the most probable issue! God, I thought he could at least have told me about statistics, like "90% of the problems come from the battery". After all, it is an Apple shop and they collect a lot of data about our phones, no? But, no. He just left me alone and waited for me to bet on the most probable issue!


    So far the new battery seems OK, but now I do not even dare to use too many apps. I thought that buying an Apple product could preserve me from having problems, but... Grrrr


    As for me, this was my first and last Apple product. My impression is now Apple=Bad product, bad service, and I have to pay a lot for both!


    P.S. My wife bought her IPhone on the same day, and she has no problem at all.

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    Hi all

    Same batt problems for me on iphone 5 got so ****** with it I fu@% it out the window whyle driving  down the road my wife's iphone is doing the same thing so no more iPhones for me  just got a samsung much more stable so fare.

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    I have found a workaround to this. Not exactly a solution and Apple should REALLY do something about this. If it is a battery issue, they should come out and say it is so.


    Anyways, the workaround is, to wait around 40-50 seconds and then do a soft reboot by holding the power and home botton for a few seconds. Release both when you see the white apple logo. This might not work the first time, but do try a few times every 20 seconds or so. It works.


    To me this seems like a memory issue and not so much of a battery issue. Also, its not only a problem with the native camera app. I have tried this on camera+ as well. Same results.


    In the burts more (in camera+) the phone does not die, but in the non burts mode, while taking pics quickly, it does. I assume that the reason it doesn't die during burst mode is because camera+ takes a smaller pic with smaller file size. There is no way to take smaller pics in the native camera app.


    Anyways, all this *****. This is Apple, it should just work.

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    Same thing happening with my Iphone5. Talked to the tech at Apple store and got the same response, out of warranty and didnt buy the extended warranty so it would be $80 for a new battery. We are currently a six I phone family, with 2 of them experiencing this problem. A 1/3 failure rate is not acceptable!


    It a appears to me that Apple, as well as other manufacturers, have found a great little crutch for not backing their products. Its the extended warranty. It doesnt matter that the problem has occured to 1000's of these phones, it out of warranty and had you bought the extended warranty it would have been covered. Seriously, on a $500 phone that fails after 13 months.


    With documented evidence through numerous forums,  this is not an isolated case and Apple should step up and back their product.

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    Im having this problem for a while and chat on 6 different websites about it, here is the only site that my last comment was deleted and explanation was i was ranting and did not have constructive comment!?!?!

    Well with a heavy censorship here is hard to voice your concern and be frank.

    Last week i called apple tech support and the guy told me he never heard of the issue and as a matter of fact he has iphone5 himself and Never came across this problem and i should reset my phone which i told him I've done it twice , them he say; mine is an isolated case which could be hardware issue and if i take my phone to shower with me???? Because humidity could case similar problem.

    Apple monitors this site obviously, but why not let the tech department know about this issue? Or why not respond to people concern??? 

    It is not only matter of money but the principal and i will not shut up.

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    Well, look at the pieces.


    Anyone tries to call Apple out on this or starts dissecting the evidence too carefully then they get deleted.

    Anyone tries to get too strident in terms of rights, laws, remedies, customer service: they're ranting, delete.

    Anyone suggests too loud that next version of iOS should solve the issue: delete: that's a feature request, wrong forum.


    Thread has many tens of thousands of views, some old timers subscribing as we get email updates and can see what Apple are deleting. Thread has run guide a lot of pages.  Subject has been discussed quite a bit on indie sites and blogs, but none of the big sites want to touch the story.  Mysteriously, Apple CS and TS have never heard of the problem and are surprised by every broken phone they see - and sell you a $100 battery.  Every so often a sock puppet pops up and says how wonderful the Genius Bar were.


    I may be getting paranoid in my old age but that's quite a convenient set of circumstances.

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    I have same problam. iPhone 5 running on ios 7.1. Pls tell me if u have any solution.

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    I have an iPhone5 as well and have the same problem and have tried the same tricks. I have IOS7.1 as well. It is annoying. I have had mine do it to me even at 60%. I have never tried to pay attention if it happened after taking pictures with my camera, but I know I was listening to music and had plenty of battery life and it did it to me. If they do check out our complaints and issues, I hope they look into this one. It ***** never knowing when your phone is going to die on you and very inconvenient. Please fix this.

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    Same issue as everyone else on an iPhone 5 with the latest OS updates. Phone powers off occasionally with 25-30% power left. I can be talking, browsing the web, using an app, or just searching for an app when the thing just powers off. Usually after 15 minutes I can power back up since there is plenty of juice left. This issues is a show stopper for me since I travel a lot and cannot always recharge at 30% power. My next phone will likely not be an iPhone unless Apple gets serious about finding a fix.


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    How'd you  like that Leader?  Big brother censoring your free speech.  Everyone needs to subscribe to this thread to see what people are actually saying.  Apple is removing all posts that expose their guilt.

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    Wow!  Apple is quick to edit posts on here. I guess if Apple has this much free time they should fix their product. I at least want Apple to acknowledge the issue and say they are working on a fix. I searched the net and found there are hundreds of forums talking about this issue. Apple needs to own up now.