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    My personal Apple boxes go back to a G4MDD and I've been a user long enough to remember why OS X was such a leap from classic.


    If yours is firmly hardware based it seems there are multiple issues here as I can fix mine (temporarily) with an evening of making sure the battery really gets to flat (jump start phone on charger for a minute, watch it come back to 40% instantly and then unplug and use till next outage and repeat until it takes ages to come back (typically after the fourth death) and it comes back at empty. Then charge uninterrupted for at least four hours, preferably overnight.


    This is clearly far from acceptable outside of a product development lab especially in a premium device.


    The issue apparently relates to the discharge characteristics of the cell pack as it's a feature of this battery type to keep it's operating voltage until the bitter end - thus there is speculation that an algorithm is employed which is a little like a sophisticated counter which can get out of whack with reality due to the high current draw of GPS and camera flash in particular (but not only these features).


    I'm annoyed that posts are being deleted, but mostly that the Apple I grew up with did not behave in this way and faced up to its problems - MDD fans and G5PPC watercooling are two examples that come to mind - and in both cases Apple behaved in an exemplary fashion.

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    They banned my previous post too.  I wish they paid as much attention to the problem as they do to covering up our valid complaints.  Two phone calls in, and no solution at all yet.  I will let everyone know IF they can fix it!

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    I have same prob with Camera/Battery. Most definitely an IOS 7 issue, or are Apple saying that their £400 phone cant last more than 18 months and is an inferior product??


    I use camera more than anything to take pics and contract ends soon so will not be getting another Iphone if it cant take pics with 50% battery left as this am!


    Lastly does Apple actually offer any fixes or advice on this forum or am I talking to a wall??


    By the way Warranty's are misnomers. Goods should be fit for purpose and have a reasonable lifetime. Know your rights.

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    All my posts get deleted! No. Help. From. Apple. So abandoned!

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    You are talking to a wall that has your money and doesn't care one whit whether your phone works. 


    Have you called support yet?  You will be told it's one of your apps, and then they will make you put it in recovery mode, and tell you can't load apps, contacts, mail, calendar or anything else that will make this 900 dollar phone any more useful than a 69 dollar flip phone.  Then they will call you and make sure it's working ok, which it will be, but hey now you have VERY expensive featureless phone.


    I am in the midst of my second foray with support.  They deny that there is any kind of pervasive problem and every time I talk to them I tell them how many more posts are on this thread just this day and then they pooh pooh it.


    Anyway, I'm on my second iPhone since September 2012 (the first one lasted all of 3 months before they replced it) and I have had it less than a year, but guess what?  The one year warranty doesn't start when you get the replacement phone...they are counting it from the original purchase date!!!!


    The catch 22 is they will replace this phone if it has the same problem WITHOUT all my apps, calendar, etc etc.  So I have to either lie to get a new phone or have a phone that is almost useless to me that won't randomly die.  Never again!  Ever!

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    dam i think i have the worst senario. I took several photos and videos with my iphone 5 on ios 7.0.4 when my batt had around 30% left. when i had done taking videos the batt had 15% left. About 1 hour later i saw my phone with 11% battery but it suddenly died and got extremely hot. I was shocked as i was boarded inside a plane waiting for it to fly, which i had to use the airconditioning inside the plane to cool it down. It kinda freaked me out. But after that my phone didn't respond to anything tat i do.. e.g charging, holding power+home button together, plug it into my comp.


    What should i do now? i've just used it for 3 months.

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    I'm getting 'em by email dude!  I feel your pain!

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    After three phone calls to Apple, and getting bumped up to the next level of support, they are giving me a new phone.  Finally!!  It's less than a year old and the problem is obviously caused by Apple.  Anyway, you guys need to call support and if the phone is less than a year old, they will replace it if it meets criteria. 

    They had me to completely wipe out the phone as a new phone, they call it "Restore" which is stupid but we all know how Apple is...anyway, then you're not allowed to put ANYTHING back on it for several days.  You can create new contacts but you're not allowed to sync your contacts, calendar or anything.  And after your phone does the same dang thing with the power again, you call 'em and let 'em know and they'll replace it.

    All's well that ends well, I guess.  The thing that bothers me is that Apple knows there is a problem and they aren't being proactive at all.  They are letting people suffer and ruining any good will they might have had before all this happened.   Almost everyone I know has this problem - it's a huge deal, and instead of fixing it, they are ignoring it and hoping it will go away.  I really believe it is a software issue, and all this replacing of phones is wasting our time and Apple's money.

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    So I had my appointment at the Genius bar. Explained 3 problems, phone turning off and not back on again, turning off when power left after taking a photo, and finally not being able to sync my music now after a restore. They tested the phone and said battery was faulty. Started the process of replacing the phone with new, got me to sign consent form, transfered sim card and restored from my backup, but then....."oh its not under warranty, can't do that!!" It was out of warranty by 30 days, but problems started before end of warranty but at that time I didnt know it was serious enough to brick the phone!.


    So I had to pay for a new battery. £55. Then I asked if it would solve my other two problems " erm I don't know....Maybe" Well thats a great help. Got back home and still cant sync my music, I cant reproduce the camera shutting the phone down probelm yet. But today I noticed that my phone is getting hot again under minimal use.


    I will now have to return to the genius bar but cant do this until after xmas as it is a 3 hour trip.


    I am 90% certain that this is a IOS update issue causing damage to the battery but how can you prove this. As a side I probably should have argued that a defective battery should be replaced FOC even out of warranty as under the consumer goods act the product should be fit for purpose, and in my opinion having to pay £55 a year to replace a battery on a £600 phone is not brilliant!


    So two tips, if you get even the smallest problem inside warranty, get it logged with apple so that when it escalates outside of the warranty you have some come back. And if outside of the warranty try to stand your ground and demand a free battery change, but I can't promise that will work.


    If any one from Apple does monitor these discussions, lets have some official comment please.

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    I have owned Apple products for the last 5 years and have been a huge advocate.  However, everything up til this point has worked perfectly for me.


    My phone is having the same issus, however... Unless I plug my phone in the charger... once it gets below 80%... it's a goner.  It powers itself off... and brings up the screen with the charger adaptor in the bottom.  After a few times it will bring up the apple logo and I barely have time to slide to power on, put in my passcode... and then it shuts it's self off.


    This has been going on for @ a month.  I bought a mophie case... and it was recommended to turn it on when the phone gets to 20% and turn off the charge at 80%... Not sure if that is what caused my battery to go into CRAZY MODE... But, now... I can't trust my phone at all unless it's at 100% and the mophie case is at full power to continually keep the phone at 100%.  It's complete crap... and I for one am thinking about my next phone NOT being an iPhone.


    I have a friend with manages an Apple store... and have been holding off to talk with him... but I think I just may.  I got the iPhone 5 the day it came out... so, I think it's just out of its warranty time... as I never buy the extended warranties as I thought Apple made a solid product.  Maybe I need to rethink that!

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    All this talk about warranties etc. Goods should be fit for purpose and last a reasonable length of time. It is not unreasonable to expect a £4-600 phone to be fit for purpose longer than 12 months. I have a £20 work phone that is still going from 7 yrs ago!! If your in UK read up your rights under Sales of Goods Act don't cave in you deserve a better service from Apple.


    Personally I cant be bothered with all this changing batteries and carrying back up packs etc. Contract ends soon and will replace with a phone that I can actually take pictures with (the prime activity I want from a smartphone!) and has a battery that lasts most of the day:)


    Apple are not going to do anything about this is my guess.

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    A follow-up:


    I opened a case with Apple & chatted with them on the computer.  They sent me a text with a diagnostic link.  The results were I had a bad battery.  I have 23 days left in my warranty.


    I really didn't want to drive 45 minutes to my local apple store... so, for $29.00 they are going to Next Day Air me a new phone.  Then, I send back my old phone.


    I think before the end of my warranty I will be adding the extended warranty for $69.00.  It's good for another 2 years.


    I think all in all... I am happy with that... Now... if I was out of my warranty... I would be angry.


    Now... I could have avoided the $29.00 fee if I wanted to go to the genious bar and deal with that... but for the 3-4 hours it prolly would end up taking... and chance that they may just fix my current battery... No thanks...


    Plus... I get a new shiny iPhone again... $29.00 well spent if you ask me!

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    Just so you know, your replacement phone doesn't have a new warranty with it, so I would definitely get the AppleCare warranty before the year is up.  The replacement phpone just has the remainder of the warranty the original phone has, probably cuz it's a refurb.

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    I might be getting a bit paranoid now, but ever since I gave my mobile number to the Genius bar i am now getting deluged with PPI, pension etc spam phone calls!!!!!!

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    Yup  Ichave exactly the same issue - all was fine until about 4 weeks ago and now if my phone has less than 50% battery and I try to use the camera it crashes with the circly thing and then tells me it has 1% battery. If I connect it to a power source it comes back with 30% or 40% battery showing.


    This is either  asoftware issue or a software initiated hardware problem.


    Apple - why don't you respond? As I bought my Iphone when it came out I am 2 months or so out of warranty.  £500 for a phone that lasts 14 months and is on a 2 year contract? You are joking! Sale of goods act will have some relevance here.

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