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Whenever I receive an iMessage from someone, I don't get notified until about 3-8 minutes later. Messages will say the text was delivered at (for example) 2:38, but I won't be notified about it until 2:44. Any idea why this may be?


I've tried reactivating iMessage and I've tried restarting my phone. I may restore it when I get home tonight, but I'd like to see if there are any other solutions before I do so. Thanks.

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.3
  • danimal10242 Level 1 (5 points)

    I am having the same issue, its been going on for about 2 weeks now, I have done all the things reccomended, i have turned off and on imessage, i have signed out signed into imessage and facetime, i have restored my phone twice through itunes while on the phone with apple support for them to hold my hand through it, I have talked with apple regarding this issue and they have nothing else to tell me but "we will escalate this problem to our engineers and we will call you back" Of course they havent called me back and its impossible to reach the same advisor you were talking to, this happens over wifi and 4g, i have tested my wifi speed and im getting 17mbps down and 1.5 mbps up, also on 4g im getting 6-8mbps down and 1.2 mbps up, I am on net 10, using 7.0.3 updated carrier settings and still getting messages about 3-15 mins later, specifically imessages, sms text is all fine, i get those notifications just fine, i have a 100% feeling this is software related, i have never had this issue before on any previous version of iOS. HAVE you found the cure???? IF SO TELL MEEEEEE!!! I got an iphone specifically for iMessage and facetime.




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    My friend, I just happened to have a crisis when I upgraded my wife's iphone 5 to the infamous 7.0.3 iOS. Immediately after the upgrade I noticed that the iMessage and Facetime services were not activated, and the "waiting for activation" message stayed there for over an hour.


    2 hours later and after calling the TMobile guys, they referred me to the Apple experts in Tmobile and they told me that there is an actual global outage in one of the Apple servers (got to be more, since the issue is global, or this server is larger than my house), and that it is taking up to 24 hours to activate the imessage and facetime services. Who knows how much are existing messages taking in terms of delays.


    So just have been adviced by my carrier to hold tight and wait for a better tomorrow. Want to hear the sad side of the story? I called the Apple Store at the Mall of America, here in Minneapolis, and the store manager and NONE of the genius bar people were aware of the problem. Seems that these guys at Apple take many things for granted.


    Patience, I guess, is my recommendation. Good luck!

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    Thanks for the quick response, its not that imessage and facetime arent activating, they activate in seconds! Thats not the issue tho, its the delay with iMessage, and as i said before, i have done everything apple has asked me to do, its just the delays with imessage, 3-15 mins later ill get notified of a message, and its not just with one person, its with others who are imessaging me.

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    Hi danimal10242,


    I have not found a long lasting solution to the problem. However, I have found that if I turn off iMessage and then turn it back on, I get iMessages instantly for a short period of time, then it goes back to the regular 3-15min delay. I, too, have this problem over wifi with 11 down and 2 up, and over LTE with 18 down and 5 up.


    I guess we'll just have to patiently wait for iOS 7.0.4 or 7.1 and pray that it fixes the issue :/



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    I went into the Apple store yesterday....Genius bar now realizes there is a problem too. He documented it.  They swapped out my iphone 5 but the problem followed the new phone.  Still not solved. We tested imessage with sim card out and on wifi only. Wifi sent imessages no problem.... Seems there is a problem in these new carrier settings for NET 10. So the problems appears to be within apple carrier settings for ST/Net 10 and/or tracfone or apple servers that deal with imessage. I am still having problems......i shut the **** thing off since it doesn't work 90% of the time. 


    BTW I am on NET 10(tracfone) what are you guys running?



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    Aha! I had wondered about that. I am using Straight Talk (Tracfone). Everything works fine expect for iMessage. I don't have a problem sending or receiving them, but most of the time, they're delayed. I guess this means it's time to call ST support -_-  I wonder if there is a way to change the carrier settings...?

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    I wouldn't waste my time calling ST, doubtful you will get a solution.  The problems lies with the carrier update and 7.0.3.  Def software related somehwere.  The right person at Apple needs to be listening and fix it.  I was perfect on 7.0.2 with same settings.  So when Apple pushed these twp updates something broke.  It ***** and I have about had it with this.  I depend on imessage too much I guess.  There is a way to manually change the settings doing the sim card swap however I think there is more going on behind the scenes with Apple and this tracfone carrier update TFW 15.6.  Wish my phone would just work the way it is supposed to.

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    You are 100% correct it is the net10/ST service. I have confirmed this by switching to an iPhone on 6.1.3 and switching to AT&T gophone plan ($60 unlimited talk text and 2gb data). And yes do NOT waste your time calling net10/ST customer support they WILL NOT help you trust me, I was on the phone with them forever and they still weren't able to fix my problem. I even transferred my net10 phone number to a different net10 sim and still had the same issues, trust me man I tried everything, just spend he extra $15 a month for AT&T go phone plan (it's not taxed, at least in California, and price includes a SIM card at an AT&T store, so you're pretty much walking out the door paying $60 flat.)

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    Sara from Straight talk PM'ed me on Howard Forums to try and help with this...I'll keep you guys posted if she is able to fix the issue. If you need her contact email let me know.

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    Yes, same here. I did not experience any problems on 7.0.2. SIM swap just fixes the APN settings, right?

    Yes, please keep me updated! I've heard rumors of iOS 7.0.4, but I'm fearful that it won't fix the problem... especially when the problem only seems to affect Tracfone users. I'd be grateful for any help she/you can provide!




    Thanks for the response. I'm not to the point yet where I'm going to give and transfer my service again (just came from Sprint in June). Glad you found a solution and are going with it.

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    Yeah I completely understand and thanks man , and even the customer service rep who's pming you will give you the same ring around the call centers gave me, if you find a fix please let us know!

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    Yes sim swap to change APN settings....I have tried all combos with same result.  It astonishes me that beside this posting and a post here and there that with all the NET 10/ST users there hasn't been more of an outcry on this....imessage is one of the main reasons i use this phone.  Do people not notice their service doesn't work or just accept it and never say anything.  I hate paying for a service when the service doesn't deliver at any cost.  If they can't fix this by me next refill date Im gonna go with AT&T Prepaid. There is a lot of users of ST/NET 10 to not notice this just isn't working.  I will keep you all posted.

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    I Got an iPhone for the same reason, imessage, my gf goes to med school outside the country and this is a fantastic way to keep in touch, I believe you're right about customers not saying anything about the service, maybe they aren't really aware of the delays, but I assure you net10/ST is not going to fix the problem for a long time, do the switch to att gophone the customer service is here in the USA and you can walk right into any AT&T store with any service related problems and they'll help you, my suggestion though... Don't transfer your phone number from net10/ST to att, just tell the rep that you want the same area code and first three digits of your old phone number and they can find one that's close to your old number. Good luck, let me know what happens before your next refill date.

  • danimal10242 Level 1 (5 points)

    Any luck yet bborland10? Did she tell you anything new?

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