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    Have the same issue here. iPad Air restarts fairly quickly so its not as painful as compared to a PC running Windows doing a blue screen of death crash routine. But, it is still annoying to wait the 15-20 seconds to get the iPad back up again when you're in the middle of something.


    I haven't as yet lost any work in progress. Thank goodness.

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    I went to my local Media Markt shop today.


    I tested iPad Mini Retina, iPad Air and iPad 2. The only one that did not crash was the iPad 2 on the famous e-hype/?3e3ea140


    I tested Android and Win tablets, they did not crash!!!

  • rbrylawski Level 6 (11,850 points)

    One thing I'm fairly certain of is this is not an iPad Air issue.  It's a bug in iOS 7.  Since I was able to finally see Safari close on my Air on nine inch nails in landscape mode, I didn't have the ability to try it on a different model iPad.  I had actually sold my 3rd generation iPad to a co-worker, who just happened to have the iPad with her in the office today.  3rd generation iPad is 32 bit architecture, not 64 bit.  So, I opened nine inch nails on the 3rd generation device in landscape and it closed immediately, returning to the home screen.  Yet on both devices, this site works just fine in portrait. 

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    Maybee it´s a iOS7 problem?


    But I have run it on iOS7.1 because I´m a developer. And it´s better performance but it still crash on heavy sites and still reloads if you have more then one tab open. But I think it´s about lack of RAM, 64bit and a more graphic-intensive iOS... Maybee there are memory-leaks in the Safari app, but it still sport 1GB RAM and it´s to small "room" for heavy tasks!?

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    It can't be iOS 7 problem or the lack of RAM on the iPad Air,because it never happens on my iPhone 4s with running iOS 7 and with only 512k of RAM.But it happens quite alot on my iPad Air,not only on Safari but also while running some random apps or even browsing settings of the's really annoying,I wonder if I should return the iPad,there might be memory quality issues or even CPU problem causing that?

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    I think I should add where I am experiencing this issue especially given that people here think its hardware related.


    Here is what I am seeing with my Apple devices:


    • iPad Air 128Gb with GSM/Wifi - experienced low memory crashes on a daily/twice daily basis. Used for iTunes videos, photos, video, camera, Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare, Hootsuite), Dropbox, EverNote, Kindle, iBooks, occasional games, email, iMessage/SMS and browsing using Safari.
    • iPhone 5 - one low memory crash since Feb 12 when the latest iOS update was applied to it, occurring on Feb 17. My wife uses this phone primarily for photos/video/camera, email, SMS messages and phone calls.
    • iPad Mini #1 with GSM/Wifi (non-retina display) - no low memory crashes but I do have log entries named "awdd-2014-02-dd*", "LINE_2014-02-dd*" and "log-aggregated-2014-02-dd*". But definitely no crashing causing this device to go back to the Apple logo. I only use one application on this device. No browsing, messaging or photo/video/camera on this one. No internet access via mobile provider. Only wireless. I still get email from POP3 and iCloud accounts but do not access it from this device.
    • iPad Mini #2 with GSM/Wifi (non-retina display) - low memory crashes, sometimes, 10-15 times a day!!! My eldest son uses many gaming and educational applications on this device and is considered a heavy user. He will also use Safari to access Youtube. No camera.
    • iPad Mini #3 with GSM/Wifi (non-retina display) - low memory crashes, once a day. I do manually kill application processes for this iPad Mini. My younger son uses this primarily to view youtube videos and the occasional game. He is considered a heavy user as well. No camera.
    • iPad 3rd generation with retina display - haven't used it much so I am pulling this out now
    • iPhone 4 - no low memory crashes but is only sitting there waiting for phone calls.


    Based on the above, I get the feeling the common denominator for our experience anyway is not recent hardware but whether the device access internet or not and in particular, using Safari.


    This might be a long shot but there has been recent issues in the way Apple has implemented its IPv6 networking stack for Apple TV recently that has me worrying whether the Apple TCP/IP network stack is broken across the board for iOS mobile devices as well. I believe iOS is also running on the latest Apple TV 3rd generation.


    Message was edited by: laugher Corrected my iPad Air memory configuration from 64Gb to 128Gb

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    Just as an update to my post a few weeks back... I've had numerous conversation with apple's senior technical adviser

    Having recieved a brand new air earlier in Jan (THANKS TO JOHN LEWIS) and being able to replicate the crash (9to5mac) on it from 'out of the box' and from rebuilding from new they finally started to listen.

    They have captured numerous logs, ask for a video of it actually occuring (come on guys you can do this for yourselves) and the issue is now with the 'engineering team' who have confirmed that there is an issue ... I think I told then that there was an issue back in November within weeks of getting my new Air !

    Anyway they said they are looking into it but weren't able to provide a duration when it may be fixed by ...

    However, for the first time, they actually admitted to me that some others (indicating not many) had also reported a similar issue.

    So as it stands I continue to use the air with nightly crashed ~2-3 whilst web browsing (oh and it actually crashed when using rightmove app the other day)

    How long do we wait ?? Something this serious should be address immediately (as someone else said it would be fixed in a few days in the Linux world)

    Not sure how we can raise the profile of this cause I'm getting more frustrated and WANT A SAMSUNG NOTE NOW PLEASE !

    Never buying an apple product again (Ipad1,2 and air currently) Oh and a brill Samsung note which my better half won't let me play with :-( and continually mocks me with  !

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    The assertion that certainty can be established that the iPad Air is not causing the problem based on one customers experiments is not valid. A range of scientific data must be gathered from a large range of devices by more then one user thus establishing a concrete data validity. Any comments stating that a fair amount of certainty can be established by one user is not supported by the scientific method and is pure conjecture in establishing any amount of certainty.

  • Gregmorris411 Level 1 (0 points)

    We must deal in facts. There are some users including myself who had to return the iPad Air after these issues. It is relevant to question how widespread the issues vary among the devices. The amount of users having these issues is unknown therefore cannot be marginalized. One cannot inflate statements such as any certainty of the origin without data.

  • lori_diloreto Level 6 (17,000 points)

    I have been following this discussion since its inception. The reason, I wanted to get a new Air for Christmas and always resarch first to see if there are any problems. I just wanted to add that I have an iPad 2. Every once and awhile I might have Safari quit if I dont wait for a page to fully load or maybbe facebook quit for the same reason. The quits just bring me back to the home screen. I dont have any of the experiences like that which is happening with the Air. I went to that 9to5 page the other day and scrolled real fast in both portrait and landscape mode and there was no crash for me. I will patiently wait and follow this discussion hoping that a resolution is found for the Air and whatever other devices that are having these problems.

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    After returning my ipad air, I purchased a Microsoft surface tablet and own a samsung galaxy note tablet and are happy with both products if you are wanting an alternative to waiting

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    The state of iOS on iPad Air is a joke. Seriously, Safari crashes every few minutes, and this problem has persisted for months. Good job Apple! I would have already returned the product, but unfortunaly I bought it from another country and that option is not available for me. How much is Apple paying to websites that review their products? I can't believe that not a single mainstream review of iPad Air mentioned this problem.

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    I'm tired of being teased by Apple.

    If they don't fix low memory issue with next IOS 7.1, then I would immediately sell my crashing devices, an Ipad Air and an Ipad 1, for some cheaper Android device.

    My patience is really over.

    An angry customer.

  • Ambassadeur5000 Level 1 (0 points)

    They don´t care about you!


    They sell more than enough worlwide.

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    Result - MY iPAD AIR issues are finally fixed

    After having a brand new one in return for what I initially thought was a faulty device and then still experiencing multiple Safari and more recently apps crashing due to low memory I've got my issue resolved


    HOW I hear you ask !


    John Lewis kindly offered to accept my expensive boomerang (which i hope never comes back) for a Samsung Galaxy note 2014 with Octprocessors AND 2GB of memory - it even accepts one of those little card things to increase the memory

    WELL HAPPY - Thank you JL will continue to always buy my gadgets and other electricals through you - FANTASTIC service


    My other two iPads 1st and 2nd Gen are going on ebay - will dump my Macbook pro too once time allows


    BYE BYE Apple - This has been a bumpy ride which I won't forget