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  • Vize_ Level 1 Level 1
    ....Wish Apple would acknowledge...


    acknowledging what ? Blasphemies !



  • worshond Level 1 Level 1

    Why do we keep on asking Apple to solve known problems, do they EVER reply??? What is the use of these forums, except for the occasional helpful one from other users. Are there any other non-apple forums that deals with Apple related problems?? Don't see why we should keep complaining on the official Apple site, no help here...

  • Saltzstein Level 1 Level 1

    Know this is not helping those of you who have got the reboot issue after the 7.1 upgrade, but us who suffered before (iPad air), have actually got rid of the problem when upgrading to 7.1, so allow me to thank Apple for fixing the problem, although it did take a long time

  • worshond Level 1 Level 1

    Well good to hear, but I am very frustrated because my old ipad I gave to my son actually performs better now than my new ipad air. Moving backwards, one step at a time. I'm really scared to do every update, not sure what will be worse this time...

  • Alfred DeRose Level 5 Level 5

    @worshond, Apple normally does not reply here though it does happen occasionally. That's not the nature of these boards. They are in fact user-supported.


    From the Apple Support Communities Terms of Use that you of course read when registering your account here

    1. Apple involvement. Apple may respond to questions but does not formally provide technical support on the Site. Any information that is provided by Apple or Apple employees is offered on an "AS IS" basis without warranties of any kind.


    That said, there is a wealth of knowledge here that you can tap for help. Some things of course, we cannot fix. As someone below said, the 7.1 update appears to has fixed this particular issue

  • RobynByrd1971 Level 1 Level 1

    It has fixed it for some, but caused it for others. 

  • RobynByrd1971 Level 1 Level 1

    This morning, after several more days of random restarts, I can't get my mini to show me anything other than the black screen with the apple.  Really don't want to lose everything on there, but I guess the next step is attempting to start it up as a new device...

  • Vize_ Level 1 Level 1

    Certainly worth a try - at least to have covered all 'by the book' remedies.


    But based on my own experience as well as the steadily increasing number of other postings, even IT Pros 'trying all reset & restore options known to men' are stuck with this.

    Hoping one of the next firmware releases will resolve the issue for their pads (and their place in the Random Re-Boot club is taken by some new unlucky ones)


    No harm in trying though - apart from loosing your data if you have no recent backup.

  • Vize_ Level 1 Level 1

    worshond wrote:


    Why do we keep on asking Apple to solve known problems, do they EVER reply??? What is the use of these forums, except for the occasional helpful one from other users. Are there any other non-apple forums that deals with Apple related problems?? Don't see why we should keep complaining on the official Apple site, no help here...


    The same thought occurred to me pretty much at the same time

    Although I'm not an 'Apple Boy', I gotta say the whole tam tam about Apple has also left its marks on me.


    Somehow someone writing about having a problem with an Apple Product is on the same level as someone writing about being abducted by Aliens.

    Both get the same doubtful looks, same soothing replies - because no one really believes your story.


    The lengths of 'evidence' and expertise some ppl are citing here together with excluding dropping, jailbreaking, etc. to validate their claim for a faulty Apple product speaks for itself.


    But still the general census is that the chances of a faulty Apple product are as high as being abducted by Aliens in real life. Maaaaaaybeeee yeah, "but seriously - come on, what have you done to this device to break it ? Or are you  too du*** to follow a simple 3 step procedure ?"


    I caught myself thinking about what I could have done to my iPad that is causing now the random reboots.

    My compliments, it sure is working on me.

  • Vize_ Level 1 Level 1

    In fairness to Apple I'm following up on my own posting: after frustrated complaining earlier on, my iPad has 'magically' cured itself, no joke !


    Automatic updates, syncing, etc. all disabled and powered down, we put that iPad to the side in the hope that with the next IOS update that particular 'manufacturing lot/batch' will be amongst those getting fixed.


    About 2 weeks later grabbed that iPad by accident and the random reboot issues have magically disappeared.

    Only tons of automatic error reports, still waiting to be sent out, are left as a reminder.

    Hasn't rebooted once in over a week - don't know what to think of this miracle


    Well - it's working again, that should be good enough for me I suppose

  • RobynByrd1971 Level 1 Level 1

    Crazily enough, my mini just stopped the random reboots about a week ago, as well.  I'd taken it to the "genius bar" (ha!) two weeks ago to no avail.  After doing a firmware restore and having it abruptly reboot several minutes later, I was told, "Sorry, your 14-month-old iPad mini can't be fixed.  Please give us your iPad plus $219 and we'll give you a replacement mini with a pathetic 90 warranty."  Ummmm....  no.  Maybe they are geniuses at prying more money out of people?


    The problem continued for about a week after that but it has been working just fine since then.      Now it wants me to load iOS 7.1.1 but I can't bring myself to do it.  I think I'll wait to do any future OS upgrades until my apps force me into it.

  • Andrei P. Level 1 Level 1

    Had reboots on air 7.1.1, took to the store; it was replaced. Set up as new, been a few days now - so far so good.

  • alemke Level 1 Level 1

    Similar issues, random reboots, generally not more than once a day, occasionally twice in a day.

    Took it to Apple who denied I was having the problem, made me do a wipe and restore.. Carried on randomly rebooting. Took it back to Apple, they made me do a wipe and setup as new iPad (told me if it happened again they'd replace), took me two days to download the Apps from the store and get it running how I wanted.. Rebooted itself three times in one day!

    Took it back to Apple, they tried to get out of replacing it but eventually did, after they ordered the replacement in meaning I had to go back to Apple a 4th time to get the sodding thing replaced.

    Set my shiny new pad up just as I wanted all seemed to be going well, until it rebooted :(

    Now it seems to be doing it just as much as before, and randomly seems to do it more on Sundays (2 already so far).


    Incredibly frustrating, have always had a lot of love for Apple and ALL of its products, but this is seriously testing me! If I wanted something that doesn't work and randomly reboot I would have bought a surface!


    Apple please address this, I thought my issue was isolated, obviously not!

  • AmishCake Level 6 Level 6

    You aren't addressing Apple by posting here, just users like yourself. You can contact Apple with the links at the bottom of each page.

  • Andrei P. Level 1 Level 1

    Where was that, alemke? Mine was replaced in Covent Garden, London. No questions asked & second time they were convincing me to replace it. They said that's all they can do and in their experience replacing fixes things. This is the second replacement in a year. Surprisingly this one worked. I had 3 low memory reports yesterday so 4 altogether on this one whereas before I was getting 6 per day. Not one reboot yet. Although I can see how they may return. But very happy with this new device so far.