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    Here is an article that talks about how one of the possible resolutions is the back light  -

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    For those who want to make an easy test...

    If you do have a Apple phone capable of sharing internetand only uses 2.4GHz (IPhone 4 or 4s works perfect), try

    put your phone next to the problematic IPad, and try connect. Should work like it should. Now move the phone away, one meter or so, you should still see full strenght on the IPad, but the phone will now not beeing able to see/hear the IPad.


    As far as I can tell, this is NO issue with crowded channels nor interference nor wrong security settings... you may try this test out way off from buildings and other WiFi users!


    Please note 5GHz is unaffected, works perfectly....


    NB, there are other suffering from other WiFi problems discussed in other threads, please please to keep this thread clean, only post if your iPad suffers from the above described problem Thank You!

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    The same thing happens to my iPad mini (wifi only, 64gb). It connects only to 5ghz wifi, cannot detect the 2.4ghz. It has iOS 7.1.


    While my iPhone, macbooks can detect both wifi.


    Then practically the iPad becomes useless when used outside home.

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    I just finish a very simple test. Change the security to WEP and disable 2.4Ghz and the phone connectd fine. Once I make the test with only 2.4Ghz only and with both same time I will post my results.

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    Looks like this issue has been known for a long time by Apple (April 2012). lecare-to-replace-affected-units/

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    that seems to apply for iPad 3rd  generation i have an iPad I'm in Ecuador but the iPad was bought in the US so that makes it really complicated.

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    Like in my previous posts, I had the excatly the described problem with iPad mini. I carried he iPad Mini (14 months old, warranty expired after 12 months) back to point of sales where I bought it. I have had a discussion with Apple care Finland reps about the problem - guidance beining "if you think that the product is not working like it should you can claim according to EU consumer laws a working product". I acted based on that guidance. Device got sent to repair. I got a new replacement device which is now working without any problems.


    And I have also a pending email from "apple wireless" engineer - you have had a problem with WiFi connectivity, can you elaborate the details of environment and network setup...


    To me this WiFi connectivity stops working with iPads/iPhones sounds like problem which is not solveable by consumers with means what we are having available. I got a replacement unit after expried warranty perioid without any charges. And if the issue would be solveable by myself or just with reset tricks the replacement would not haven't be done.


    I'm really afraid that fellows outside EU or "kind of grey import" customers - there is no recovery for the issue with the means what we are having available, just referring the fact I got the replacement unit after the official warranty perioid has expired. If there would have been "reset" trick to recover, I would assume the service point have done it for my iPad and charged some fees from me.


    For EU area victims. use the "EU consumer law statement of working product like expect". That last's 24 months despite of manufacturer 12 month warranty perioid.


    Just as curiocity, I'm working on wireless device industry (you can make you your conclusions for which company). And based on that experience combined with warranty threatment, I assume that there is no magical trick what you can do to recover from WiFi not working issue. Something get's badly broken on WiFi and it can't be fixed with any reset's or WiFi box configurations.

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    sir.petri, could you contact me off the forum.. I would like to pursue the same path as you successfully have done!


    I know e-mail is not supposed to be published... so we have to find another way to get in contact


    BTW did you receive the Apple e-mail prior or after the replacement of your iPad??



  • sir.petri Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I received the e-mail "during" the replacement cycle.


    You can contact me by using a little bit of spywork. think about username at googlemail....

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    so is this fixable with an update or did the 7.1 upgrade scrwed up the wi-fi antenna?? if that still waiting for an update to fix this problem..but I'm starting to doubt that will happen since Apple doesn't seem to be taking matters into their hands..

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    I have the exact same issue for my ipad 2 and I live in the US. I have a paperweight since my ipad can not get online at home on my 2.4 ghz connection unless its inches from the router. What other avenues have other individuals tried to go down in order to get a replacement?


    My device works fine at school broadcasting a 5ghz wifi network. I just have to be within a reasonable range to the router.

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    Hi gloede99,


    Same problem here I got my ipad2 about 2 years ago, all worked fine until I installed ios7.1

    I have 2 netgear routers (2.4Ghz) at home which works fine with my nexus7 tablet, Lenovo & Dell Laptops. The ipad2 recognise the wi-fi network but cannot connect to it but it works very well at work on their dual band (5Ghz) network.



    I raised a call with Apple and follow all instructions, including re-setting my ipad to factory settings but to no avail, their support team basically said, go to an applestore or we will charge you for the repair...


    What was the outcome, did you get a new ipad?



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    I was able to convince them that it was indeed their issue so a replacement iPad was given to me.  Try bringing it in and ask them to check their wireless to see what frequency it is connecting at.  Then have them try one of theirs to see what frequency it is connecting at.  To really hammer the message home, bring your wireless router with the latest and greatest firmware (so they can't pick on that) and do the same tests.  Then when they see with their iPad from the store it connects on both routers and yours does not, ask them to tell you why.  Also search and you will find an article with a screen capture in it that Apple has known about this issue since 2012.  I'd give you the link or my case numbers, but Apple Support Community tells me it violates their T's and C's so they remove it on me.  Trust me it was a big fight with them and it took 3 months to resolve.  Good Luck.

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    After some troubleshoot, I was able to connect my iPhone 5 to my home WiFi network. Here are the steps that I made:


    - Reset network setting on the iPhone.

    - In the router, I have a Linksys EA2700 with DD-WRT firmware, I change to 6 channel and to 20Mhz.

    - Delete the lease of the MAC address in the router and delete the network from the phone.

    - Reboot the router.

    - Turn off ALL wireless device in my place, tablet, roku and babycall.


    After these all steps I was able to connect but with a low signal quality. So now I am dealing with the porr signal quality.


    If I have more finding I'll share with you.

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    I have the exact same problem... Have you found a solution by any chance?

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