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  • im_greg Level 1 (0 points)

    I spoke with a very smart electrical engineer friend of mine (he does EMI testing for nuclear power plants) and he's convinced this a firmware problem, not a hardware problem as it appears at first glance. He's offered to take my iPod into his lab and run it through their EMF testing equipment and spectrum analyzer just for giggles. I'll report back once we've had our fun.


    As for your options, your best bet is to call Apple (request an exception to the support call cost if you're out of warranty) and tell them everything you've tried and reference this thread. I spoke with a senior advisor both times I contacted support and only the second one was willing to help actually resolve the issue. It doesn't hurt to call and if enough people do, maybe they'll take notice.


    On a side note, my friend's best guess as to the cause of the problem is that the transmit power of the wifi chip is stuck at its lowest value. During normal operation, the wifi chip will increase and decrease the transmit power based on the wireless signal strength and quality. If, somehow, the transmit power got stuck at its lowest value, the wifi would only work in *very* close proximity to the router. This is all conjecture at this point, but so far it's the most plausible explanation I've heard.

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    Back at page 1 of this thread you will see I indeed did look with a spectrum analyzer to verify the low output from our Ipad Gen3. And yes I do beleive that this is a firmware related problem, question is if a normal f/w upgrade will allow to alter this?? There are numerous ideas on what is the root cause but as Apple rather swap units than offer to do a re-programming, my gut feeling is that there are more than just a poorly programmed wi-fi chip. It seems even a DFU will not restore the functionallity so there must be some registers in the h/w that is not accessable by just re-flash the firmware.


    Documents on the net seems to support that there are h/w issues on certain models and they did a "silent" recall.


    I gave up, I honestly do not think this can be solved by f/w upgrade. So we have our Ipad in for an replacement, but as it is outside of the 12 months warranty, we are waiting for Apple to respond... it's been almost 2 months now and nothing yet

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    I did see that you used a spectrum analyzer and I thank you for it--it was a huge help. I'm just curious to see the difference between a working iPod and an iPod that has this issue. I don't expect it to help at all, it just sounds like fun.


    We're in total agreement that there is no way to solve this with any sort of firmware install/upgrade. I guess you could always duct tape a mobile hotspot to the back of the iPad?

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    I've come across this thread because I am having the exact same issue.  I chatted with Apple support and they wouldn't budge on covering my iPod touch 5g under warranty, even though it is only a month after the warranty expired.  I even offered to pay a discounted repair fee.  I don't think I should have to pay the full repair fee because 1) This is obviously their issue, we didn't do anything.

    2) Only a month outside the warranty?  Most companies I've had experience with will still cover the device within that time frame.  And to not offer a discounted repair price?  Unbelieveable.


    Is there any hope that I could get more success in an Apple store?  Any hope that this is a software issue that iOS 8 will fix?

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    Did you chat online with them or call them? I did the online chat and they wouldn't help at all. I called them a day later or so and they were much, much more helpful. Mine was just over a month out of warranty and they said they would waive the repair fee. So yes there certainly is hope! Just keep calling them. If you'd like to know the representative I spoke with, send me a message.

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    If you're close to one, try taking both the iPod as well as your router to an Apple store. This is what I ultimatly did, based on very helpful suggestions from other memebers of this board, and resulted in Apple replacing the defective unit even thought it was a little bit out of warranty.

  • Schwizzler Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks im_greg.  I didn't see how to send a personal message to you on your profile page; new to the commmunity.  I would like to know that agent's name though.  Could you let me know how to send you a message?



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    There are two stores nearby.  I might have to try this as well.  Thanks.

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    Whoops looks like they don't support private messages. Send me an email instead.

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    Good news!  I actually called them a little after I started posting on here.  I referenced this thread again and they looked back over what I said and saw that I had a negative experience in my nearby Apple store and the senior advisor decided to waive the repair fee!  


    And yes, I had actually already gone to the Apple store, just didn't mention it because when I went, I didn't know about this thread and didn't think to take my router in.  I hadn't done as much troubleshooting then either.  What made it a negative experience is that the tech barely looked at my iPod and didn't do any diagnostics.  He just assumed from what I said at the time that the iPod needed repaired and quoted me $200.  Felt like he was just wanting to get me out of the store.  Plus, I looked online later and the repair fee for a 32GB iPod Touch 5g is actually $150. 


    Anyway, I'm glad they are standing behind their product and I'm thankful for the Apple community (im_greg, noclvrname)!  I hope that they choose to fix whatever the issue is soon.  I'm thinking about buying an iPad mini at some point.....


    Also, the tech on the phone didn't give me any specific shipping instructions.  I put the iPod back in its original case that it came in and taped the ends of it to keep it shut while in transit.  And then I just need to take it to my local UPS Store.  Sound about right?   I thought maybe I didn't need to use the case, but I figured it would be better if I did.

  • Schwizzler Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok, so I found out that UPS only needed the iPod itself, I didn't even have to pack it.  Shipped it on Saturday, and I'm getting it back today.  I've never experienced a turn-around time that quick before. 


    They just replaced the device instead of doing a repair, so hopefully this one will never have the same issue. 

  • jbastian007 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having a similar issue with my iPad 2 (Model A1395) with my D-Link D-655 single band router.  Any tips on obtaining a replacement? I'm assuming your iPad 2 was out of warranty.

  • im_greg Level 1 (0 points)

    Eventually I had to go to the Genius Bar with my router and iPod and laptop to prove that it was definitely a hardware problem. They replaced the iPod for no charge after about an hour of discussion. My iPod was only 38 or so days out of warranty, so your luck may vary depending on how old the iPad 2 is. Good luck.

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    So glad I found this thread...EXACT same problem with my ipad mini.


    Problem is, I purchased on ipad mini release day, Oct 2012, so I'm almost 1 year out of warranty.  :-(


    The wifi issues started happening early this year (whenever I upgraded to 7.0.4) and I've been troubleshooting ever since with ZERO luck and I have tried just about everything whenever I tried to connect at work, or a public hot spots...but at home, I have dual band router and I was always able to connect, but could not figure out why.


    Until last week, when I was surfing with a mobile phone hotspot, and it allows me to check a box for 2.4 or 5 GHz...and as usual, my ipad would not connect unless I help it several inches from my phone...then I clicked on a "Advanced" button on my hotspot and noticed the frequency selctions...I unchecked the 2.4 Ghz  and checked the 5Ghz option....and ipad mini was connected...I was so thrilled.


    So I searched and found this thread...anyone have experience/suggestions with getting Apple to replace a product almost 1 year after warranty for a documented bug/hardware issue?

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    Gloede99, I've searched all over the internet to try and figure out what could be causing the issue I have encountered now with my iPad 2 and I think you nailed it.  I suspected a firmware issue as these issues all started following recent OS upgrades.  Can you tell me what you did to get them to actually replace your iPad? I don't see any fixes outside of this unless there is another firmware that will be released that plans to solve, but who knows when that might happen.


    Thank you.

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