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I was just going through my videos and found that about ten of my videos are not accessible. I believe that just a few weeks ago they were still accessible, though I cannot specifically remembering testing that since late December. Their thumbnails are now gray squares with a small "MOV" in the middle, and when I try to play them the first frame of the video is displayed with the play icon, but a message pops up saying "The requested URL was not found on this server." (The option "OK" is below the message.) When I tap the play icon, nothing happens. I cannot figure out why this would happen as none of my photos or videos are stored on iCloud or Photo Stream, so I don't know why URLs or servers would matter. Also, these were taken on my device so I know it's not an issue with the files not syncing correctly from my computer. Does anyone know how I may be able to salvage these randomly, recently corrupted video files? As a side note, I do not regularly sync my device, so restoring a backup is not an option for me, this would cause bigger problems than ten missing videos, probably.



iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4
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    Hi, have you solved this problem? I am having the same issue too


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    I have the same issue. Was trying to copy all the pictures from my iPhone camera to a flashdrive and I see all the photos in my iphone show an error 'The requested url was not found in this server' with file size 0 byte. Have some 200+ photos that was not backedup Can someone help resolve this issue.

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    I am having almost exactly the same issue, only my thumbnails are still there, which is even more troubling if you ask me... What's odd is that I thought these things were stored on our own actual devices. Is our camera roll no longer necessarily only on our phones? Why would my phone have an error message referring to a URL on a server?  did you import the videos that you're missing from external sources? I'm on the phone with Apple trying to figure this out... Weird



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    No, these were not imported photos in my case. I believe that when it refers to the "server" it means the device's memory. My guess is that this is some weird technical glitch with iOS 7 where video data will occasionally become corrupted at no fault of the user, and if this is indeed the case there may not be any fix to recover these videos, sadly. If there is a way, it is probably some complicated solution, so either way this should serve as a lesson to iDevice users to always make sure and backup your data regularly (or at least upload all of your pictures/videos to your computer or the cloud).

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    I got the hierarchy of apple support to the point where a "senior specialist" (the regular tech support's supervisor) forwarded my case and log files to an "engineer" declaring it an odd case. I'm waiting for response til Tuesday. Hopefully they'll solve this issue for us with an update.

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    Have you had any update from Apple about this? I've just recently purchased a new iMac and after syncing my iPad with iTunes, I get the same issue. About half my videos synced from iPhoto show the grey thumbnail and I get the same error as above... It's really frustrating as I have no idea which videos they are so can't trace them in iPhoto to check!!!

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    I have been waiting on them for over two weeks now. I've talked to countless entirely incompetent individuals. I have had the most miserable and shady experience ever dealing with Apple regarding these issues. My phone will not sync photos or videos to anything. It's ridiculous. They will not allow me to speak with an engineer and the tech support people have no idea what the issue really is. They can not explain to me what has caused this error.

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    It has been more than a month and I still haven't heard from Apple. The last person I spoke to told me that they have brought up this case to senior specialist. It's so frustrating that many have suffered from this technical faulty and nothing can be done. Deep down I know it can be solved because the files are not totally lost.

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    I am having the same issue with all my videos, I am so sick of this kinda BS on my phone and my Mac's. Does it have something to with sync and itunes? or Importaing into iphoto? Only place i can see the files is in image capture and I can't do anuthing with it at all.

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    I have the same issues too. I took my iPhone to an Apple store for help and I was told my options were;

    1. Do a backup to iCloud and then restore from the backup. I was told this might work, but might also completely wipe the data.
    2. Go to a data recovery specialist (I forgot to ask who pays for this!)


    I asked if there might be an update issued to fix the problem and was told that fixes only get issued if there are a significant number of people having the same issue. So basically Apple won't get off their backside if there aren't enough people complaining.


    With no solution at hand I asked the service attendant "so basically its just tough luck then?" to which they replied "yes".


    Thanks Apple. I cannot access the photos of my daugters first day at school (plus about 600 others) that were taken with your product and thats just tought luck.

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    My +1 for getting to "a significant number of people".


    I lost about 200 movies and ca 2000 pictures to the same problem.

    Missing the last month of pregnancy and first 3 days of my daughter's life... Tough luck indeed..

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    I'm afraid to ask...did anyone ever hear back on this?  My iphone told me that the disk space was full--so I went to plug it in an clear some space.  I cleared out all of the pictures up to date 5/1/2013 and no videos.  Now, the videos all read 0mb and I only see four pictures in my camera roll.  This is horrifying, we just celebrated our baby's first birthday!  The photos and vids have to be there still, right guys?



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    Not at all!!! They said they will but they didn't. It's very frustrating

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    Thanks for responding.  Yikes.  I'm just devastated.

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