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Starting at some point this evening, my iPhone 5 stopped receiving group text messages.  I regularly text 2 groups of people.  One group consists of 2 android phones and myself, and the other group consists of an android phone, an iPhone, and myself.  They receive my messages, but I don't receive theirs.  I can text and receive texts from them individually, although I can't receive pictures from one of the android phones, and the iPhone doesn't always receive my messages.


I chatted online with a verizon tech support man, and we reset my network settings and turned group messaging on and off.  He sent a group message to my iPhone, and I did not receive it.  He asked me to send a group message to him and another of my contacts.  The other contact was an iPhone.  They got my messages, and I received theirs as well. 


Now however, I'm not receiving any group messages at all.  Does it have something to do with iMessage/Apple vs. Android? Is it my phone? Is it Verizon? Has anyone else had this problem?  I'm open to suggestions, and willing to try anything.  It's so frustrating not being able to receive texts.  Is a trip to the Verizon store worth it?


(I should add that Verizon is my service provider.)


Thanks guys!

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4
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    I've been having this same problem for well over a year now. I have a 4S and am a Verizon customer. Group messaging works fine as long as all of the other parties have an iPhone. The issue is when at least one of the other parties has a non-iPhone ... In those cases I cannot send or receive group texts. I also cannot send or receive pictures from non-iPhones, even when individually texting.  I wish they would come up with a way to fix this!!

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    This is the solution:


    In short, you are out of memory in your SMS Attachments folder and the phone won't accept the additional data from the group message/picture message. There is a program called iBackupBot which will solve the problem. It allows you to delete these attachments from the root of the phone. It isn't free but it is worth every penny. I hope this solves your issue because it solved mine.

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    This same thing is happening to me. When I have group messages, I receive messages from everyone except any Android users in my group. I've tried everything but it's very annoying. My friend with the same phone as me (iPhone 6) receives the messages fine and I can text the android user 1 v 1 just fine.

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    Currently, I'm an iPhone 6 (128 GB) user with 100GB available and with Verizon Wireless.  The only way I can be semi sure I'm receiving non iPhone Group texts or non Verizon Wireless voice mail messages on my iPhone 6 is to turn my cellular data switch "on" every few days. As a rule, I leave my cellular data switch off & take care of things on my home wifi that would normally require my cellular data to be on if away from my home's wifi. I don't know that a full SMS cache would apply at least in my instance. I did not receive them on my old, full iPhone 5 without switching cellular data on every few days AND I still do NOT receive non iPhone Group texts or non Verizon Wireless voice mail messages on my brand new, right out of the box, NOT FULL iPhone 6 (still don't even though I have tons of available space). BTW, when I went from the iPhone 5 to a new iPhone 6, I did NOT transfer old text messages & am now religious about immediately deleting 95% of all texts after I've read/answered them. Anything I need to hang onto to follow up on is very minimal & gets deleted within a week to ten days.

    It is annoying to not have everything come through & I have missed some things when busy & forgot  to switch my cellular data on & do a quick check. Hardest part is getting people to remember/understand that sending out a group message sure doesn't mean everyone in the "group" is going to get the group text as it's generally people that aren't quite familiar with this crossover glitch in group messaging.

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    Hey everyone -


    I'm having the same issue.  I have been having this issue on and off for a while now and thought that maybe the update to iOS 9 would help out.  I even replaced my phone with no success in fixing this.  After doing a little research, I found another forum thread regarding something similar and I wonder if this could be related to I keep getting a text message from 'Unknown' and the message says Service Denied???  Has Apple said anything about this at all?  A lot of the communication that I do is in group messages for personal and work reasons, has Apple said anything about addressing this issue?

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    I had this exact same problem, and a friend suggested something that worked.  I deleted the group message thread, did a hard reset of my phone, then started a new group message thread with the same people.  This was the only thing that worked for me after trying many other things, including downloading the new update, changing up the settings for messaging, etc.

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    Good suggestion carieger1974!  However it did not work for me.

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    I recieved all group messages until I did the iOS update!!! Now I only recieve iMessage group texts! If I am in a group text sms with non iPhone users I won't get the texts or get the text messages will show up days later!!

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    Same issue here...missing text on Saturda, Sunday they all rolled in at once and I received 2 text "service denied"

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    I Just found out that a text was sent to me on Friday and has yet to come thru. (Not part of a group text). I wonder how man other text are missing.

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    IiPhone 6 plus with iOS 9.2. Same problem!!!


    SO FRUSTRATING!!!!! I'm missing important things for work on group messages!!!

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    I just found a thread on AT&T's forum where one poster had this problem with an android phone and the problem followed to his new iPhone.  That tells me it is an AT&T problem.


    "I feel all of your pain. This has been a multiple week multiple talking to numerous people at ATT at store level and various levels of tech support. Started with my Samsung Note 4 so far swapped out SIM cards twice, they swapped out my phone for another Note 4, they then reset me to network, then store manager suggested I get a new phone. I left the store drove to Apple bought a new iPhone 6S plus guess what still problems. Today ATT tried turning off HD Voice and had me restart phone and I got a few texts from yesterday. They closed case thought resolved but no it continued but worse as of this evening not receiving any replies to group texts. Ironically enough all other family members not having problem whether android or iPhone just me! I thought maybe if I switched actual phone numbers it will take care of it so they did that and still didn't resolve it. This is crazy. Customer service said they can't reopen my case since it's now a known issue with multiple people. She said they think it's related to latest IOS update. I then reminded her that I was not on an iPhone until the other day. Just wanted to share so no one else spends hours of time and aggravation, purchases a new phone or changed their phone number. I take a little comfort in knowing I am not alone, but not much Smiley Wink"

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    My phone is now spamming me with texts from 4 days ago every time I turn the phone off and then on again.  I get between 30 and 40 text every time I power cycle the phone.  I have deleted the group conversation from my phone several times and it still seems to be happening.

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    Not sure if this will help everyone but I did manage to get my group text working again!  In iPhone settings, I disabled the wi-fi assist and it started working again.  In my case, I had to make sure this option was turned off on both iPhones that were in the group chat but its been a few days now with no real issues.  To disable this, go into the Settings, select Cellular, then scroll all the way to the bottom and turn off the wi-fi assist.



    Hope this helps others!

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