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    I will thank them also!

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    In my case you indirectly solved the issue as you helped me open my eyes, thank you!!


    The Office update didn't fix the problem, it was solved modifying the "Path=" environment variable.  In my case one of the paths didn't exist anymore and removing it from the environment variable fixed the problem even without rebooting.  Bear also in mind that there are 2 Path environment variables: Path (system one) and PATH (current user one) which is concatenated at the end of the Path before the processes use it.  This is how I did it:

    • Copy the contents of the system Path variable and the user PATH variable and put them in a text file converting each ";" (semicolon) into new-line
    • Prefix each line with "cd" and a space (blank) so each line looks like "cd {pathN}"
    • Save this file with .cmd or .bat extension
    • Open a "Command Prompt" from Start Menu / Accesories
    • Execute the file
    • Look into the results and find the ones that returned the message "The system cannot find the path specified." and those are the ones you need to remove from the corresponding Path or PATH environment variables.
    • Hopefully this solves your problem without even rebooting.
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