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LynnSD Level 1 Level 1

After updating from Mac OS10.9.1 to 10.9.2, both my friend, who lives in another city, and I find that attempting to put our MacPros (2010, think his is a 2009 model) attached to a NEC PA 301 (mine) or PA 271 (his) series pro monitors to sleep experience a frozen screen and cursor followed about a minute later with an expected and desired sleep mode. My computer does something slightly different than his in that the background of the dock turns a golden yellow when the screen freezes. Both systems start up from sleep correctly.


If I only use my Apple 30 inch Cinema Display, the sleep mode works as expected.


Spent two hours with Apple Care (level one and level two) people that didn't have a clue what was going on. Called NEC and they had no explaination.


Any thoughts of wisdom of what is going on with the sleep issue that occurred right after we put the 10.9.2 update?

Mac Pro, Mac OS 9.0.x
Reply by HenryAZ on Mar 4, 2014 12:56 PM Helpful

I opened a case with AppleCare today.  ACCD logs uploaded and sent on to engineering.  I was told two business days to get a response.  I will update when I hear anything.

Reply by anthony286 on Mar 6, 2014 6:19 PM Helpful

Chalk me up as another person with an issue sleeping with my 8,2 Macbook Pro and NEC PA271W since updating to 10.9.2. Display Port hookup.

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  • mactilda Level 1 Level 1

    I have an NEC PA271W connected to my 2010 MacPro over minidisplayport and an Eizo 17" connected over DVI. After 10.9.2, when the computer goes to sleep, the NEC screen gets dark but the monitor no longer goes to sleep. The Eizo does go to sleep.

  • HenryAZ Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue with 10.9.2, a Macmini, and a PA271W monitor.  I only sleep the monitor, not the computer.  When the monitor goes to "sleep" on 10.9.2, the screen goes black but it does not actually sleep.  The monitor's LED never changes away from blue, the power consumption does not go down, and the mouse cursor remains on the screen.

  • satcomer Level 4 Level 4

    Plus pist you connection type to the affected monitor. Maybe a of connection by be at fault.

  • LynnSD Level 1 Level 1

    I am using the display port connection just like other several other friends I know who are experiencing the sleep problem that occurred just after they updated to 10.9.2. Actually one noticed it in the beta version.

  • HenryAZ Level 1 Level 1

    Displayport here, too, with a dp->mdp adapter, per NEC recommendations.  This setup has worked fine since Lion.  It works fine now if I boot 10.9.1.  The display will not sleep when I boot 10.9.2 (another drive).

  • LynnSD Level 1 Level 1

    Seems that Lloyd Chambers of MacPerformance had similar issues with his wonderful New NEC PA 302 and MacOS 10.9.2 update.


    Suggest you contact AppleCare level 2 tech and have the person upload your system data information for the engineers to see so they can resolve this problem. The more the people who report it, the faster it will be addressed. Never have seen such a wierd little bug in my couple of decades of Apple Computing. Seems like the sleep issue might manifest itself slighly different with different users.


    NEC PA302W Wide Gamut Color Display

  • Andrew Hoyt Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem with my two PA271W displays and a 2010 Mac Pro.  I used the feedback form listed to complain to Apple.  I don't have AppleCare anymore, so I fear calling for having to pay fees.


    I looked for the 10.9.1 combo update to see if I could revert back to it, but the download is nowhere to be found.  FYI, in case anyone tries to look.


    Thanks, everyone, for chiming in.

  • LynnSD Level 1 Level 1


    This is not an AppleCare issue, it is an Apple bug that you didn't want and  will be addressed by AppleCare representatives. Your are helping out the communnity.  If they don't believe you, refer them to this discussion. They never tell you about the 90 day software exception clause for free techsupport when one updates to a major MacOS change. I found that sending in a known bug where many people are experiencing it through AppleCare where they end up uploading your OS data to their engineers gets more attention than going to The more people who report it, the quicker it gets addressed.


    As far as going back to 10.9.1, didn't you do a back-up before you did an Apple "fix" that you can go back to? My problem is that every day my calendar, documents, email, etc change a lot so I am reluctant to go back to my back-up which I hate to say is only on TimeMachine now. My other backups (mirror copies) occur nightly and I didn't notice this bug till a day later.


    You pay good money for only quality equipment so a wierd bug like this should not occur on a little update.


    I have reported this to Apple and NEC but need others to light a fire under those in charge to make a change and not have us wait for one or two updates later.


    If you want to request NEC to jump in to getting this fixed, send a message to the NEC monitor product manager (Art Marshall):

  • Warren E M Level 1 Level 1

    Exactly the same problem here with Mac Pro 5.1, dual NEC PA271W on the ATI 5770 over Displayport.

  • mactilda Level 1 Level 1

    Same (as I said above). My config:


    ATI 5870

    NEC PA271W over DisplayPort cable (NEC's) + DisplayPort->MiniDisplayPort adapter (monoprice)

    EIZO 17" over DVI to same card: sleeps fine


    Sleep issues with NEC started with 10.9.2 (never had them before).



  • Andrew Hoyt Level 1 Level 1

    I emailed Art Marshall and will contact Apple a little later today.


    I'm in the same boat as you in that I can't use Time Machine to go back--I have many hours of work created by the time I noticed the bug, and I don't particularly want to lose all that.


    Good luck to you and everyone else.

  • Warren E M Level 1 Level 1

    Spent an hour chatting with senior Apple support confirming the problem, and none of the suggested fixes worked. The ticket has been escalated to Engineering with the ACCD log file. On Mac Rumors others have stated the problem with non-NEC display.

  • rcerecedar Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here. I have a second monitor (Sony SDM X95F) conected to the mini-port, and both (screen and monitor of the MacBook Pro) worked perfectly well until I updated to 10.9.2 yesterday.


    The screen of the MacBook remains darkened, and there is no way to awake it.

  • Justin Vanalstyne Level 1 Level 1

    Just wanted to add that I'm having the same problem with the 30" NEC PA301w.

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