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I have messages on my ipad 2. My software is ios 7.1.4.


My friend and I have been texting for the last 3 years using messages. Sometimes her messages don't get through to me. Suddenly on both her ipad and her iphone she is getting the message that I am unavailable and can't be reached. Nothing has changed and we could text ok last night.


What can we do to correct this? Before we were texting from her ipad and her iphone to my ipad and even to my macbook pro. Now nothing is working. My husband and I can still text from his ipad to my ipad and from his ipad to the macbook pro.


I have removed her addresses and added them again but that's not working.


She uses one email address from her iphone and another from her ipad.



iPad, iOS 6.0.1, 3G, 16 gigs