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Question: iPhone restore error 53 - not listed anywhere, what is the problem? has anyone seen it before???

has anyone come accross restore error 53 on an iPhone 6???

iPhone 6

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Feb 19, 2015 9:47 PM in response to poppyseed83 In response to poppyseed83

Hi guys

I have to disappoint you all.

The problem is in Touch ID 1000%. If it is not original button for this particular motherboard or your touch id ribbon cable is damaged or not connected to your motherboard (at least it can be fixed)

The problem has no software solutions. At least until that moment when this topic will have thousandths of complaints about error 53. And apple will do something.

For now you can:

1) Go to your store and take it back - they will change your phone within warranty period. But only if there are no big scratches and so on. Otherwise - your iPhone is dead.

2) If you have changed the touch id button (during the installation of the new screen of maybe you changed the motherboard) - you have to find this fckng original touch id button - that is the only one in the whole world for your motherboard. And put it back to the motherboard.

3)Sell it for parts for about 20% of the initial price.

4)Find a guy who invented this stupid system with touch id on iPhone 6 and 6+ (5s has no such problem) - and throw your dead Brick-iPhone to his head. Maybe it will satisfy you a little.

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Apr 1, 2015 6:43 PM in response to poppyseed83 In response to poppyseed83

Little history here re: error 53...

- dropped iphone 6, shattered screen.

- took for repair, tech not only replaced screen but used a new (or used) home/touch id button with attached ribbon cable.

- attempted to both update and setup new touch id, neither worked and received failed messages. .

- tried to update via itunes, started update then failed with error 53 - tried many times after with continued error 53 error.

- tried to restore, also received error 53.

- realized my phone was a brick so called back repair service.

- they stated the tech messed up - iphone has a unique home/touch id button and ribbon cable, any other replacement will not work.

- fortunately they retained my parts and replaced the new home/touch id and ribbon cable with my existing one.

- brought home, was able to complete the restore then restored from back up.

So, if you damage your iphone, be sure the repair service uses the existing home/touch id and ribbon cable or you'll end up with error 53. Appearantly, each iphone is linked to this button/ribbon cable and will not work if replaced. If you do have it replaced, you won't be able to update and if you try to update via itunes, your iphone will never work again.

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Oct 2, 2014 6:45 AM in response to poppyseed83 In response to poppyseed83

Hi, poppyseed83.

Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities.

I would recommend going through the steps in the article below.

Resolve iOS update and restore errors in iTunes



Jason H.

Oct 2, 2014 6:45 AM

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Question: iPhone restore error 53 - not listed anywhere, what is the problem? has anyone seen it before???