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Question: Photos

IM about to lose my **** I’m so angry. For 3 months I have had blurry photos. This iCloud thing wanted me to share my photos with it so I said yes. Biggest freakin mistake. Ever since then (3 almost 4 months) I can’t even access my camera roll because they are insainly blurry and have a little ! In the corner. An hour ago I went to three different APPLE HELPS and they said go to iCloud and click the share off and I did. When I went to go check ALL OF MY PHOTOS ARE GONE. I finally found my iCloud Drive after 7 google links and 9 YouTube videos and nothing is in there. If I can’t find these photos, I’m totally done with IPhones and Apple in general. I’ve had more complications with my iPhone 5 than anything else and I study calculus.

iPhone 5s, iOS 11.2.6

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Question: Photos