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Question: Multiple issues with Macbook pro 2017 keyboard

Hi everyone,

I got my Macbook pro on september 2017 since then I had already 3 issues with the keyboard.

The first problem was that the space bar start to be flat on the right side; they fix replacing the space bar only.( it took 3 days).

After sometime the volume up (f12) key also was flat on the left side and then the iService center replaced the whole keyboard (and battery - they say battery it goes with the keyboard!) it took a full week for the job since they ordered the part from singapore but the job i think was only 2 hours.

Now the left shift key stop working normally and need a very firm pressure in order to work so went back to iCar store and they ordered another keyboard from singapore and waiting for the replacement.

All these issues happened within 5 months and with 2 different keyboards making clear that the keyboard isn't very well manufactured or projected. So I start wondering what happen if another similar issue happen out of warranty. I have to pay lot of money for a keyboard that hardly last a few months?! this is my first mac and I cant stop comparing with my last 20 years of windows based laptops that i changed approx about every 3 years that i never had issue with keyboards. even tho this is very expensive piece of hardware and I expected a way more reliability and solidity.

What Should I do? anybody had a similar issues and solutions?

MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, 2 TBT3), macOS High Sierra (10.13.3)

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Question: Multiple issues with Macbook pro 2017 keyboard