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Question: xserve 3,1 resolution reset to high black screen

I can't believe there is not an easy fix to such a basic problem as screen resolution. I have tried resetting nvram pram, safe boot changing from dvi to VGA both cable and port on monitor.

I have a KVM and during bboot had to jump to different machine to set boot order came back resolution reset now tried all that including unplugging etc and nothing.

Such a simple issue with no solution is mind boggling very quickly Mac is dropping to the bottom of useful OS for me with so many basic features and solutions and one response reinstall. I have no other machine to remote in, plus its a server with limitations for remote rights. I was using the xserve to set up my Asus 1u and making the USB boot which I can't do and my Mac mini is first gen with no network access I will try through my android phone. No iPhone iPad or other stuff of that nature. Searching hours between calls and no solution I have seen besides reinstall I will take a sledgehammet to all that is apple in my house if you the programmers are that short sighted with issues as a resolution change that just involves safe boot.

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Mar 3, 2018 1:38 PM in response to jag9906 In response to jag9906

I'm not sure what's happening with your system from the details that have been provided. If you've got dead video output or a black display and have tried power-cycling, resetting NVRAM and SMC and the rest as described, then I'd next try a Safe Mode boot or a boot from DVD and see if that works. Plug in directly, power cycle, and try again. If that doesn't work, then your graphics controller might have failed. I've had a graphics controller failure happen on Xserve, and a controller replacement resolved it. The particular symptoms you're reporting were not seen, but controllers can and do fail in different ways. I'm here assuming this configuration once worked, and is not now working.

If you have a problem with the resolution getting changed when the system is power-cycled, that's been a bit of longstanding "fun" with Xserve and the default refresh and display settings depend on what the video display or KVM "tells" the Xserve about the display settings. If there's no display present, the settings get defaulted to pretty small IIRC. Other settings are based on what the display or KVM (or a faulty cable) is reporting to the Xserve graphics controller.

Depending on exactly what is going on here, there are discussions of the wiring for a video dongle around, and that device has been handy for folks that don't use the hardware display, but rather use Screen Sharing or ARD to access the system remotely. Whether or not that'll work with a flaky or dead graphics controller, I don't know.

Replacing the graphics controller — if that's what has arisen here — is well-documented in the Xserve D.I.Y. documentation that Apple published a while back. Probably the biggest issue will be sourcing a working replacement controller for what is a fairly old system.

Apple is deprecating most of the features of Server.app, so yes, you may also be headed for a server migration.

Mar 3, 2018 1:38 PM

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Question: xserve 3,1 resolution reset to high black screen