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Question: VPP apps not showing up in Apple Configurator 2

I have purchased several licenses for various apps under the VPP for education program. However, when I go to Apple Configurator to prepare the devices, the apps do not show up. For instance, I created a blueprint to streamline some of the deployment. I wanted to add apps to this blueprint, but clicking on Add > Apps only brings up a Finder window. It does not present me with a list of apps associated with my VPP account. I have double checked that I'm signed into my account in Apple Configurator, and all of the apps and licenses are showing up in my purchase history. Any input would be appreciated.

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Mar 4, 2018 9:41 PM in response to bbt_79 In response to bbt_79

Well first of all your VPP are they under Device Assignments or Redemption Codes, so when you have Redemption codes you would log into your VPP account on line website and select the app to obtain the Redemption code in which is an excel document downloaded with all codes for that app and then you can import it into Apple Configurator why it opens finder to look for that excel document.

But under Device Assignments is a bit different use mainly through Device Management (MDM) like Jamf, Mobile Iron and more, and well you logged into your account will not display all apps or any until you have an approved certificate to allow apps to appear and also need to allow an APN so that the apps are pushed to that specific device.

We have over 11 VPP accounts and did it many years with Apple Configurator v1 and v2 and worked for us except ARD into the mac mini for each classroom and grade level so about 22 mac minis to deploy the software and used Redemption codes.

So i ended up and changing this to Device Assignments and well once we did that we can't go back to redemption codes once done thats it.

Then going to apple configurator when v2 came out did not support device assignments and only redemption codes and well we are with Jamf.

So i hear that ACv2 support it now except it is based on certificate and apn in which would work because that is why and how MDM vendors work. hopefully you have one license account VPP if not the n your blue prints wont work depending on app situation process.

Thank new more direction reply back and reach out

Apple Configurator - Install Profile on a Mac Computer 2014 - iOSGenius - YouTube

Mar 4, 2018 9:41 PM

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Mar 7, 2018 7:08 AM in response to bbt_79 In response to bbt_79

I got an email that my token from the VPP site had expired despite just starting the account a few days before. When that happened my VPP items disappeared also.

My fix was to download a new token from the VPP site and apply it in Server.app / Profile Manager / Volume Purchase Program / Replace Token.

Mar 7, 2018 7:08 AM

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Question: VPP apps not showing up in Apple Configurator 2