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Question: Real Time Bounce - song length issue

Hi Guys,

Anyone come across this before?

I go to bounce my track, I select Real Time, I set or check the start and end locator positions of the song, all correct. I then select the other options, file type, resolution etc. then press OK.

The track starts playing back and bouncing..it gets to the end, but the playhead continues past the end of the song and off the screen, and the position and timeline in the display, just keeps counting up!

In the middle of the screen is the box showing the blue progress indicator has reached the end, but is doesn't stop the playhead! I have to manually press the escape key on the keyboard to stop it. It then completes the bounce and convert to MP3 (if selected). I end up with a whole load of silence at the end of the bounced song.

This doesn't happen all the time, and is not specific to any version of Logic, I've had it happen periodically for maybe a few years... So I figure it's something I'm doing wrong?

Logic Pro X, macOS High Sierra (10.13.3), iMac Core i7 (Late 2012) 3.4GHZ

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Yes. This is a common issue when using plug-ins that add noise.

Uncheck the Include Audio tail option in the Bounce dialog and see if the helps.

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Question: Real Time Bounce - song length issue