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Question: iTunes iPhoto connection issue with iphone

I have an intermittent problem that I have yet to be able to solve. Am using a MacBook Air with Sierra V 10.13.3, iTunes, Photos v 3.0 and an iPhone 6s with with 11.2.6. So, I have my laptop open and iTunes open and I plug in my iPhone via the USB connection. Photos then proceeds to go nuts on my. The iPhone icon pops on - then off - then on - then off. This is an endless cycle of connection/lost connection/connection/lost connection. Here are the steps I have taken to try and resolve:

1. restart the iPhone then reconnect.

2. Restart iTunes and Photos then reconnect

3. Restart the MacBook Air then reconnect

And various combinations of the above over a 30 minute period and ... same results. I even let the on/off cycling run for about 15 minutes to see if it would resolve itself but it is like a banshee and does not ever get fixed.

Has anyone else ever had this problem and what is the resolution? Thank you.

iPhone 6s, iOS 11

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Question: iTunes iPhoto connection issue with iphone