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Question: Macbook Pro keyboard and trackpad issues


I have had this problem the past few days. At seemingly random points my keyboard and trackpad will stop working. it can be while im logged in using it or as i turn it on. When i turn it on it gives me the message no trackpad or keyboard found. But sometimes it works perfectly. Other times it can still work but u wont get the 'click' which the software makes with the trackpad.

I had this issue about just under a year ago and i got it repaired with apple. At first they said the ribbon connecting the trackpad+keyboard was faulty so it was replaced but that failed to fix the problem. They then told me it was a motherboard issue so I had to fork out a load of money for a new motherboard and after then it worked fine until this week when its started again. I doubt a motherboard could go faulty again within a year with the same issue when im only using it at home/college and always carry it in my bag when travelling + havent dropped/spilled anything on it. But dont want to have to pay for another expensive repair

Please do help if anyone has any ideas.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch,Early 2015)

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Question: Macbook Pro keyboard and trackpad issues