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Question: Playing and Pausing a video multiple times in Keynote (with remote)


I am making Keynote presentations with several videos in them. The videos themselves contain quite a bit of information, and it would be ideal for a presenter to be able to pause and start videos without using the computer or a mouse-like pointer. Keynote allows endless starting and pausing with the 'k' key, and I have found some iPhone apps that give you a remote control for your 'mac' that works with keynote if you use the 'k' key, but it isn't going to be simple or intuitive for the presenter.

All of the remotes I google have forward/back and play/pause buttons, but they don't seem to map to the 'k' key in any circumstance. (Play/pause just starts the keynote itself, or the video the first time, etc.) I am really scared of my presenters pressing pause and advancing to the next slide.

This must be a problem people face, and there must a remote that can solve it. Ideas?



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Mar 9, 2018 3:26 PM in response to Kellar42 In response to Kellar42

Any wireless mouse or hand held presenter with programmable buttons will play and pause video without being tethered to the Mac. I have my Logitech Spotlight button number 3 set to play and pause video and it does so faultlessly.

Mar 9, 2018 3:26 PM

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Question: Playing and Pausing a video multiple times in Keynote (with remote)