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Question: Fans, Sleep, Keyboard & USB drives...

iMac pro is turning into a nice mail and desktop only machine as of late. Basically unusable because if I try to use my usb audio interface, external display, external Lacie or G Drive, it freezes randomly and reboots.

If I try to do any resets with the keyboard the lag via Bluetooth causes problems during boot. Takes forever at the login screen to be able to type.

Waking from sleep kicks fans to max for 30 seconds with minimal software running... even after supposedly resetting smc.

Finally I just unplugged every periferal, uninstalled most software that was even remotely finicky, and I’m just seeing if software updates will save it,it’s a step backwards from my 2008 Mac Pro, and cost $10k... should I bother with more Apple support I have Apple care and just got tired of the calls with them having to be their Guinea pig and take crash logs and email them in...

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Question: Fans, Sleep, Keyboard & USB drives...