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Question: AppleTV 4 doesn't show all video playlists...

I have an AppleTV 4 that I've owned for a couple years. All of the sudden, I'm having an issue:

While everything else in my iTunes library shows up perfectly (TV/Music/Movies), my movie playlists won't show every single playlist. I have about 50 and it's only showing 17 of them.

Things I've already tried so we don't waste any time:

  • I've already tried the "go to Settings-Apps-Computers-Playlists" trick -- but that doesn't work because the only option showing up under "Computers" is "Repeat". There's nothing else there for some reason.
  • Home Sharing is on. All playlists are being shared, not a limited selection.
  • I have tried turning off my VPN on my Mac.
  • I have restarted the AppleTV multiple times.
  • I've tried resetting my Internet connection. (My AppleTV is running off a straight Ethernet line in, not Wi-Fi.)

The issue persists: I am only able to see 17 playlists in my Movies playlists section.

Can somebody tell me what I'm missing here?

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Mar 10, 2018 7:30 PM in response to TabascoMan In response to TabascoMan

For reasons unknown to me, the playlists starting syncing. I have no idea why. I just started adding more to my collection and maybe AppleTV needed a kick in the head to get syncing again. Anyway, it seems to be ok now.

Mar 10, 2018 7:30 PM

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Question: AppleTV 4 doesn't show all video playlists...