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Question: iPhone won't turn on - stays on low batterty red screen


Since a week my iPhone 5s does not work properly : it turns off and on without any particular reason, turns off for no battery while being at 73 %... Yesterday, it occured more frequently (like 9 or 10 times in the day) and it needed to be plugged in in order to turn on again (and turned on at a high battery percentage). But, since last night, it does not turn on. It's been plugged all night long (like every other night) and it was showing the apple boot logo and then shutted down again, and started over without no invervention from me. I plugged it off and it turned off and there was no way to turn it on again. After a few minutes, I plugged it in again and it showed me the low battery red screen, and after a few minutes tried to turn on but the infinite boot loop restarted. The only way for it to charge without turning on was DFU mode. I let it charge about one or two hours, and stated to turn it on again (still plugged in) but the infinite boot loop started again. As soon as I plugged it off, it turned off, and like before, there was no way to turn it on (not even the low battery screen). I finally tried to restore it (from DFU mode, recovery didn't work) and ended up three times with a 4005 error.

So submarry : I have an iPhone which does not appear to be working without being plugged in, and even plugged in, which stays in an infinite boot loop. It is not recognized from my computer when plugged in. What could be happening ? Is it a battery issue ? Or could it be a software issue ?

Thanks for your answers

(iPhone 5s, about 2 yo, ios 11.2.2)

iPhone 5s, iOS 11.2.2

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Question: iPhone won't turn on - stays on low batterty red screen