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Question: Flickr app not working after 'View Public' selected


I've just started a Flickr account so I can access photos for my AppleTV's screensaver.

All was well after several photos and a couple of albums, when I saw on the AppleTV Flickr app a tab at the top right of the 'Photos' that said "View Public / Photos(?)" .

Out of curiosity I clicked it, and my Photo Roll disappeared and was replaced by a message:

"No photos. Upload via cellphone or desktop app to view" (or similar), alongwith a large camera icon.

Unfortunately, I couldn't, and still can't, find a way to deselect this "View Public" tab (the tab is now missing), so my AppleTV Flickr is now unusable. It shows album folders, but if you go inside, it says, "Flickr temporarily unavailable. Try again later.", along with a yahoo help link that doesn't really help with this issue.

All of my photos and albums are present and correct in Flickr when accessed via a desktop PC.

I've read that this tab on the AppleTV app is meant to allow you to view which of your photos can be viewed by the general public, as opposed to viewing your entire photo roll including Private photos.

I've tried changing the privacy settings on 1 photo to Public, to see if that changed anything, but it didn't. Unless there's a horrendous time-lag between Flickr and AppleTV.

Can anyone please tell me:

1. How to deselect the 'View Public' tab in 'Photos' on an AppleTV Flickr app?

2. How to reset the AppleTV Flickr app?

3. Anything that might get the AppleTV app back to normal.

I appreciate any insights anyone may have.

Thank you.

Regards - D

Apple TV, A1469, tvOS: 7.2.2

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Apr 21, 2018 4:40 PM in response to Daf de Caf In response to Daf de Caf

I've found that if you go to

'Settings / General / Reset / Reset User Data'

then, although you have to sign back in to your net TV providers / iTunes, Flickr returns to its previous working state.

Just in case anyone else has this problem...

Apr 21, 2018 4:40 PM

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Question: Flickr app not working after 'View Public' selected