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Question: Internet accounts/Updating contacts from Facebook

I'm using High Sierra on a MacBook Pro, and have run into a problem where I can't find an answer anywhere on the web:

When trying to update contacts from Facebook, the process stops almost immediately (although it should go through a lot of Facebook friends), and tells me that zero contacts have been updated.

Updating from LinkedIn and Twitter works just fine, for Facebook this is the first attempt ever.

Looking into the console, I find the sequence of events below.

Any ideas how to proceed?


default 06:20:55.644560 +0000 FacebookContactUpdater Task <EB05DDC5-EAB7-4CF9-BEB5-56A7465801AF>.<0> received response, status 200 content K

debug 06:20:55.644645 +0000 FacebookContactUpdater Task <EB05DDC5-EAB7-4CF9-BEB5-56A7465801AF>.<0> request <private> is NOT allowed to set HSTS for main doc (null)

default 06:20:55.644765 +0000 FacebookContactUpdater Task <EB05DDC5-EAB7-4CF9-BEB5-56A7465801AF>.<0> response ended

default 06:20:55.645114 +0000 FacebookContactUpdater {

"error_code" = 3;

"error_msg" = "Unknown method (3)";

"request_args" = (


key = method;

value = "phonebook.Lookup";



key = "access_token";

value = "--sanitized--";



key = "do_not_save";

value = true;



key = "enable_softmatch";

value = false;



key = entries;

value = "[{\"emails\":[

MacBook Pro, macOS High Sierra (10.13.3)

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Question: Internet accounts/Updating contacts from Facebook