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Question: Spotify user switching to AM


So I switched to AM from Spotify and got some doubts to clear out. This is my first discussion here, so pardon any mistakes.

1. Like songs don't play after a queue/song ends if I hadn't built up a queue

2. There's only a handful of genres under All Genres. (to be specific, Alt, Bollywood, Cantopop, Classical, Dance/electro, Hip-hop, Indonesian, J-pop, Jazz, K-pop, Malaysian, Int. pop, R&B, Rock and Thai Music. That's it!!) Are genres region specific?

3. I've turned on high quality streaming on cellular, even on 4G it still takes three or four seconds to start playing (my net speed is around 20Mb/s). Is there a workaround for this? (if not, nbd)

4. How can I use my phone as a remote when listening on my PC, (and vice versa)

5. Creating a station based on a song will only queue up 2 songs, while in Spotify, it would create at least 10 songs. I have to keep on listening to make AM queue up more songs.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you

Other OS, Apple Music on Android

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Question: Spotify user switching to AM