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Question: INUIHostedViewSiriProviding issue

INUIHostedViewSiriProviding doesn't have the control to hide SIRI UI for QR/VisualCodes.


- var displaysMap: Bool

- var displaysMessage: Bool

- var displaysPaymentTransaction: Bool

-* Nothing here for VisualCodes

I want to show the QR or VisualCodes with my own branding surrounding it.

Can you please help?

I did try using displaysPaymentTransaction INUIHostedViewSiriProviding from but it didn't work.

If this is not supported today for INUIHostedViewSiriProviding, it's fine, just let us know so that we can move on.

And can we expect this coming out any sooner?

We are adding this feature in an app for a bank and they don;t want us to present the QR without their branding. And country rules disallow using branding within the QR itself.


Message was edited by: BipinJethwani I found similar question on stackoverflow but that one was for photo app https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41893840/show-images-in-intents-ui-using-sir ikit/49231374#49231374

iPhone 8, iOS 11.2.6, null

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Question: INUIHostedViewSiriProviding issue