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Question: whatsapp back up not working

whataspp latest version 2.18.31

i cannot backup my whatsapp data to icloud
its not working. I doesnot show any error but still not working

iPhone 4S, iOS 9.3.5

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Mar 13, 2018 8:43 AM in response to immad299 In response to immad299

Hi immad299,

I understand that you're unable to backup WhatsApp to iCloud, and I'm happy to provide some help for this.

Check out the following page from WhatsApp that explains the requirements for this functionality, as well as the steps to accomplish this:

WhatsApp FAQ - Restoring your chat history

iCloud backup

To make a manual backup of your chats at any time, go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and tap Back Up Now. You can also enable automatic, scheduled backups by tapping Auto Backup and then choosing your backup frequency. This will back up your chats and media to your iCloud account; you can choose to include or exclude videos from the backup. The iCloud backup process can take a while to complete, depending on your Internet connection and backup size.

User uploaded file

  • You must have iOS 7 or later.
  • You must be signed into iCloud (User uploaded fileiPhone Settings > iCloud).
  • For iOS 7: Documents & Data (iPhone Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data) must be set to ON.
    For iOS 8 and later: iCloud Drive (iPhone Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive) must be set to ON.
  • There must be enough free space on both your iCloud and your iPhone.

Troubleshooting iCloud problems

If you are having problems backing up to or restoring from iCloud, this is likely not an issue with WhatsApp but with the iCloud account.

If you are unable to create a backup, please try the following:

  1. Verify that you are logged into iCloud in iPhone Settings > iCloud.
  2. Verify that iCloud Drive is turned on in iPhone Settings > iCloud. If you are on iOS 7, you will see Documents & Data instead of iCloud Drive.
  3. If you are trying to backup on an iPhone with iOS 7, verify that no other device using your Apple ID has ever had iCloud Drive turned on. If you have turned iCloud Drive on for any device using your Apple ID, you will not be able to upload data on iOS 7. Even if iCloud Drive was previously turned on and then turned off, you will not be able to back up on an iOS 7 device. You would need to update to iOS 8 or later to back up.
  4. Verify that you have enough available space in your iCloud account to create a backup. You can see how much space is available on your iCloud in iPhone Settings > iCloud > Storage.
  5. If you are attempting a backup on a cellular data network, make sure you have Use Cellular Data turned on in iPhone Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive for iOS 8 and later or iPhone Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data for iOS 7.
  6. Perform a manual backup by tapping "Back Up Now" in WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and keep WhatsApp open until that screen says "uploading".
  7. Attempt the manual backup on a different network - preferably the network you connect to most. iCloud is designed to work best when you attempt a backup in the geographical location from which you connect most frequently.

If you continue having this issue with the steps provided, I recommend reaching out to WhatsApp for additional support:

Contact WhatsApp

Contact WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger Support

For all questions related to WhatsApp Messenger, contact us

Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities. Cheers!

Mar 13, 2018 8:43 AM

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Question: whatsapp back up not working