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About X11 for Mac

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Question: Any other X11 server besides XQuartz for 10.13.3?

I have the newest Mac running 10.13.3 and XQuartz is not working well at all. The X11 window that opens up during a session often becomes inactive even when I am typing in it. The resolution of the windows (like emacs) is very poor compared to the resolution of my LG monitor and I have not been able to get this adjusted. It works fine for bringing up figure windows, but does not work well for running remote GUI interface editors like Matlab. Anyone have any success with a different X11 server or know if XQuartz will be updated soon? Looks like their last update was in 2016 and I noticed that other people have had the same issues as I am having with windows coming in and out of being active.


MacBook Pro TouchBar and Touch ID, macOS High Sierra (10.13.3)

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About X11 for Mac - Apple Support

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Question: Any other X11 server besides XQuartz for 10.13.3?