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Question: TV show sorting: iTunes vs Apple TV

Aplogies if this has been asked and answered, but I didn't't find anything in my searches.

I have the 4K Apple TV running OS 11.2.

The issue is this: TV series in iTunes are sorted alphabetically and any series name that leads with "The" is sorted by the next word ("The Blacklist", for example, sorts as 'B'). However, on the Apple TV, "The Blacklist sorts as 'T'. I have gone into the 'sort as' field and manually set "Blacklist" and ATV still sorts as 'T'. In OS 10.x, series were sorted properly. What's odd is that Movies all sort properly and when I look at any series I have bought in the "TV Shows" app they are sorted properly. It seems to only affect the series' in "My Computer".

Incidentally, when I return to the "sort as" field in iTunes, it is blank.

Anyone else seeing this or have fixed it?

Apple TV 4K, iOS 11.2.6

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Question: TV show sorting: iTunes vs Apple TV