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Question: Itunes defects for engineering team

Hi engineering team,

Here are a list of things that ruined my weekend when I upgraded to

- turned on apple music unsolicited and locked all my music so that I couldn't access it on my phone and had to delete then reload everything into Itunes.

- no longer pulls album art when you import a folder with the album art in it

- can no longer seem to retrieve album art off the web

- CD insert printing is completely broken

- Previously you could choose an album and use any of the selections including white mosaic to print just that album's cover and track list.

- Now white mosaic will give you a mosaic of the first twenty or so albums in your library and the first 22 songs from your entire library.

- Single cover will give you the desired cover, but still the first 22 tracks from your entire library.

- Basically there is no way to print an album's cover

If someone on the release team argued pre release that the changes were too risky or untested, you are my hero.

If you overruled this person, you ruined my birthday weekend.


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Mar 12, 2018 5:24 PM in response to Tonarinojim In response to Tonarinojim

This is a user to user support forum, Apple isn't listening here.

The current build is Use Feedback - iTunes - Apple to report issues or suggest improvements.

  • Not sure how Apple Music can be turned on without you choosing it.
  • iTunes has never imported folder art. If the files that are being imported have embedded art then iTunes will show it. If not then it will attempt to match the CD in the store and download art from there, assuming you are signed into an Apple ID and have permitted information to be shared with the store for this purpose. *
  • See note above. It comes from the iTunes Store if available and allowed by your settings.
  • Not tested CD printing lately, might have issues, they could have been resolved in a later build. Test the current version and supply feedback or submit a bug report.

* I have two scripts that can help with embedding artwork; CreateFolderArt and EmbedFolderArt. The scripts have slightly different functions:

CreateFolderArt ensures that every album folder ends up with a Folder.jpg image which is the art that iTunes already knows about. Side effects are that if artwork has been updated in iTunes the folder art should be updated also, and if any track from the album doesn't have embedded artwork it gets embedded.

EmbedFolderArt was actually written for someone who already had various artwork images stored in the album folders and wanted them added to their tracks, but not if iTunes had already downloaded a better quality image. It creates new files of any store art with the name iTunesArt.jpg, then embeds the largest image by area in the album's folder, based on the premise that this is likely to be the best image.


Mar 12, 2018 5:24 PM

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Question: Itunes defects for engineering team