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Question: New iphonex

I bought a new iphone x 3 months ago, after 1 week usage i get the green line at the right side of the screen, i went to the reseller and gave them the phone after 5 days they told me its a defect and should be replaced, i waited for about 2 months to recieve the replaced phone, and when i went their i got the phone unsealed without its box! And i requested a compensation for the very expensive screen protector that they took off and damaged when they took the phone from me, but they told me i would have to buy a new expensive one instead!

What the **** is this? Where is my freakin compensation for being an early adaptor and buy a **** expensive phone that turn out to be nothing and defected!

How can i contact them or shall i post this stupidity all over the internet to show ppl how they treat their loyal customers??

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Question: New iphonex