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Question: Issue with trackpad on new MacBook Pro


I have an issue with the MacBook Pro 13,3" that I just bought. The trackpad is jumpy, registers random clicks and at times even completely stops working for a few seconds (not registering any click anymore, and without any haptic feedback.) It makes the computer unusable.

It worked well for the first 10 minutes after unboxing and then this behaviour started.

Thanks to the previous Q&As I tried reseting the SMC, the PRAM, unplugging power, but the issue is still here.

Does anyone have a suggestion? Do I have no other option than bringing it back to Apple for e.g. a trackpad replacement ?

Thank you in advance,

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MacBook Pro with Retina display, macOS High Sierra (10.13.3), 2017 without touch bar

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Question: Issue with trackpad on new MacBook Pro