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Question: frustrated

All of a sudden my texts are appearing not in consecutive order. I send a text to someone and their reply comes above the text I sent. I have looked at all of the answers. Funny the one answer that seemed to work for "most" was to go to general settings and turn off automatic date/time, then restart phone and turn back on automatic date/time. Well I did that and when I re-booted the phone it defaulted to automatic date/time to be "on". I am on version 11.2.6.

That DID NOT work for me. So I kept searching.

Then there was a smart person who suggested that if someone answers within one minute of your text their response comes above your text. Well......I believe that is the answer.

Frustrating because that should be considered a bug. I mean I am a retired Systems Analyst and the data entry systems I helped develop had things down to the nano second so why isn't text messaging???? I mean I am a dinosauer but this is 2018.

iPhone 6s Plus, iOS 11.2.6

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Question: frustrated